Discover Common Garbage Disposal Problems and How to Fix Them

Get the best Plumbers Tulsa repairs to fix your plumbing problems immediately. Garbage disposal is an integral part of a kitchen as it helps manage food waste. It saves time to dispose of food, reduces kitchen odor, and keeps everything good for the environment. Sometimes the garbage disposal in your kitchen can cause problems.

Immediately getting our plumbing Tulsa services to solve that problem is crucial as it will help you stay safe from further damage. To get these problems with your garbage disposal fixed, it is important to know when you are facing them. So, here we will discuss the 6 most common problems with the garbage disposal.

Common garbage disposal problems and how to fix them

The following are the 6 most common problems with your garbage disposal. Sometimes you can fix these problems yourself. So, here we will also share what you need to do if you ever get any of these problems.

1.      Your garbage disposal unit won’t turn on.

The first common issue with you is that your garbage disposal will not turn on. There could be several reasons behind this issue. One of those is that the motor of your garbage disposal is burnt and needs a replacement. In such a scenario, getting our professional plumbers Tulsa services is necessary. However, the garbage disposal does not need a replacement in some cases, as you can find it yourself.

What’s the quick fix?

Sometimes the issue is not with the motor of your garbage disposal. There could be other issues like:

  • The unit is not plugged in properly
  • The reset button is in the pushed state
  • The breaker for your garbage disposal is tripped

In such cases, the issue is not with the unit itself, but it is not getting power. So, all you need to do is to trace the issue and resolve it by plugging in the unit correctly, resetting the reset button, or undoing the breaker. With that done, your garbage disposal will start working again.

2.      The garbage disposal unit is jammed.

Sometimes your garbage disposal turns on, but it is unable to perform. In this case, you can get a humming noise from the disposal while its blades are jammed. It is a clear sign that it is getting power; the issue is with the disposal itself. You can fix this yourself as well, but if you want a safer experience get our professional plumbers Tulsa services and get your disposal fixed worry-free.

What’s the quick fix?

You need to start by wearing some protective gloves, then switch the disposal off back at the breaker. Now open the disposal blades and see what is causing the clog. Depending on the type of clog, you will need to use the right solution to fix everything and get your disposal working again. Some common items that may cause this issue include:

  • Oils and fats
  • Large bones
  • Hard fruit seeds
  • Excessively feeding the garbage disposal
  • Stringy vegetables and other things.

3.      The draining rate is slower than usual.

The next common issue you may face is that your garbage disposal is draining but slower or not draining at all. When the garbage disposal works perfectly, it crushes food particles and mixes them with water to virtually convert them into a liquid. When the unit is not working properly, the food can get stuck, causing a blockage that will result in an abnormal draining rate.

What’s the quick fix?

The reason behind a slow or no draining rate is that the unit cannot break down your food waste, resulting in a clog. It can be because of dull blades that you do not want to deal with yourself. Otherwise, oils and fats can be the culprit.

So, try cleaning the unit with lemon wedges, baking soda, ice cubes, and vinegar with warm water to flush everything. You may need to call our plumbing Tulsa professionals if it does not work.

4.      The garbage disposal unit is making grinding noises

Another issue you may face with the garbage disposal unit is that it works fine, but it creates a grinding noise when it works. Garbage disposals are not made to work like this; if you ignore this issue, it will lead to bigger problems like garbage disposal failure. When you are looking for the best Plumbers Tulsa, repairs connect with a talented team today!

What’s the quick fix?

There could be something stuck inside the garbage disposal unit that might be causing a grinding noise. Some plastic or metallic parts, fruit pits, and harder bones can cause this issue. So, clean your disposal or get it tuned up by a professional, and this issue will go away.

5.      There is a leakage in your garbage disposal.

Leaks are among the easiest problems to fix with your garbage disposals, but if you ignore them, a simple leak can cost you a lot. Seals inside the garbage disposals can leak over time and need replacement. There is no other issue with the garbage disposal when there is a leak. Need the best Plumbers Tulsa repairs at a good cost, call our team today!

What’s the quick fix?

The quick fix to this issue includes tracking down the leakage and seeing if you can replace the seal or if it just needs tightening. Treat the garbage disposal unit as per the situation. Otherwise, you may need some professional assistance.

6.      The garbage disposal is producing foul odors.

The last common issue is that the garbage disposal gives off foul odors. It is a clear sign that food waste is still in the garbage disposal, and you need to clean your unit. There is no other reason for any foul or unusual smells to come from this unit.

What’s the quick fix?

The quick and easy fix here includes taking some ice cubes, lemon wedges, baking soda, and vinegar. Put these into the garbage disposal and turn them on for at least 30 seconds. After that, you can rinse the garbage disposal with cold water, and your problem will disappear.


If your garbage disposal stops working for any reason, there can be a huge issue for you. Garbage disposals make food waste management extremely easy, and when these stops working, you must immediately call our plumbing Tulsa services. This way, your garbage disposal unit will keep working and new without any issues.

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