My hot water runs out extremely quick. Why?

You come home late from work one day thinking of how rejuvenating that  upcoming shower is going to be , just praying to get home and finally be  able to relax , only to find out upon getting home that the hot water is has  gone ice cold . Nobody likes coming home to ice cold bath water , especially  after a long hard-working day . This is a situation we all dread , and if your  hot water geyser were doing a proper job , you would have hot water  regardless of the excessive usage , whenever you open the taps . 

So what has caused this unwanted shortage of hot water in your home ? 

Situation #1 A Small Water Tank 

The main cause for your hot water running out too quickly is an undersized  tank . Depending on how much people there are in the household and how  much water is consumed by each, the water tank being used may be too  small , and as a result a larger tank might just be required . 

Situation #2 A Broken/Damaged Dip Tube 

If you dont know how a water geyser works , then you also wont know that  one of the most important parts are the dip tube . A dip tube directs water  flow to the bottom of a geyser to be heated , and also keeps the cold water  seperate from the hot water in your tank . So if the hot water seems to be  running out more quickly , or even wont heat to the desired temperature ,  then the problem might be in the dip tube .  A broken dip tube allows for tyhe mixing of hot and cold water , meaning  that there will be much less hot water than there should be .  A plumbing professional is highly recommended for such issues . 

Situation #3 Clogged Pipes 

Clogged pipes dont just cause problems on the drainage system , but on the  main areas of you water system like your hot water geyser as well . Pipes  leading into or out of the hot water geyser could have heavy  sedimentation , leading it to reduced hot water availability . Make sure to  always keep your water system clear of sediment to be able to use the hot  water to its full capabilities . 

Situation #4 Excessive Use By Other  Household Equipment 

With the primary setup of plumbing systems , hot water is first delivered to  the closest equipment to your hot water geyser , meaning that is where the  most hot water is able to be utilised . So , say for example the kitchen or  laundry room is closer to the hot water geyser than the bathroom , then  most of the hot water could have been used in these areas before it gets to  the bathroom at all .  

So always make sure to turn off equipment using hot water in these areas  before taking a bath/shower and you might see your hot water lasting  longer than normal . 

Situation #5 Faulty Electrical Heater  Components 

If you have an electrical water geyser in your home , the problem may be in  fuse that has blown , or one of the many other electrical components . So if  your hot water is faulty , make sure to check the elctrical components to  see if they are in proper working condition .  One of the best ways to make sure you have all the hot water needed for  your day to day life is by scheduling a water heater repair service on Acts Of  Service . 

Here you can get proffesional help , and will be able to find the cause of the  decrease in hot water , and swiftly come up with a solution . 

Find Permanent Solutions  

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