Giving Back

Our Impact
in the Community

Luke 12:48

Compassionate Plumbing

Built on Christian values, Acts of Service Plumbing embraces the principle of giving back guided by Luke 12:48 – “From the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

Over the years, we've helped people in need across Tulsa and neighboring communities, providing plumbing repairs to those who couldn't afford them.

By choosing us as your plumber, you not only resolve your plumbing issues but also contribute to creating positive change in East Africa, extending hope and life to those in need.

Our Impact in East Africa

safari mission

Acts of Service Plumbing is committed to making a meaningful impact. One of the biggest ways in which we do that is by partnering with Safari Mission, an organization dedicated to transforming lives in East Africa. For every business transaction, we donate $1 to Safari Mission's cause of training leaders and bringing positive change to communities.

Their Mission

Safari Mission, established in East Africa since 2006, focuses on transforming lives and communities by imparting knowledge and practical tools. Through teachings of God's Word and life principles, countless individuals experience positive change. This impactful work extends to education, with graduates initiating orphanages, churches, and businesses.

Safari Mission focuses on breaking the cycle of dependency in East Africa by empowering local leaders and transforming mindsets. Committed to long-term solutions, they work towards sustainable change, pulling people out of poverty and creating a better future for generations to come.

safari mission

Safari Mission Testimonies


“After going through this Bible school, students are a voice in their communities. They are consulted, even by the civil authorities, in their localities. And classes are made up of students from all over Kenya. From the East, the West, the coast, and at the border of Kenya and Uganda. It means that we have graduates all over the country—the entire country can be impacted by what we are learning here.”

Administrator at Rhema Kenya

“At this school, I also came to know God as my Father, not just my creator. It was so helpful to learn about having a personal relationship with God. The class called spiritual growth, especially, helped me to gauge myself to know that I had always been a [spiritual] baby, and that I needed to grow. And now, that’s one of the subjects that I teach at the school. It helped me to grow up, and not just that, it helped me to grow my church up.”

Pastor William Meni

Your Impact

Acts of Service Plumbing invites you to be part of this transformative journey.

Every repair or installation positively influences lives in East Africa. As you proceed with our services, you contribute a gift to a world-changing cause.