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Not everyone knows the importance of a backflow prevention solution in a residential plumbing system. Backflow prevention systems help to prevent adverse health effects that occur due to wastewater going in the wrong direction and entering the fresh water supply. Backflow is simply the reverse flow of contaminants into your portable water supply. Generally, a backflow prevention system helps to safeguard drinking water from becoming contaminated. At Acts of Service Plumbing, we provide professional backflow prevention installation and repair services in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. Our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced to handle any plumbing job you throw at us. Call us now at (918) 891-1737 to schedule an appointment!


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Looking for reliable and affordable backflow installation and repair solutions near you? Call the pros at Acts of Service Plumbing in Tulsa, OK.  Our techs are insured, certified and licensed for backflow service work in Tulsa, Ok and nearby areas. We are honored to provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services that our community needs to enhance the quality of life, by maintaining a clean and efficient plumbing system. We always commit to the highest standards of ethical business practices and quality workmanship along with utmost respect and care for your home and business. We are friendly, honest plumbers who never cut corners or take shortcuts. We do what we say when we will. Call us now at (918) 891-1737 to schedule an appointment with a plumber near you!

6 Common Signs You Need Backflow Repair

Water coming out of your tap should have an uninterrupted flow, be clean, a clear color, have a pleasant taste and no odor. Contaminated water on the other hand may as follows:

If your water shows any of these signs of contamination, contact the pros at Acts of Service Plumbing at. We will immediately send one of our licensed, trained and highly experienced backflow specialists to test and repair or replace your backflow device. If the water is contaminated with sewer water, then all your pipes will need to be cleaned and sanitized. Call us now to learn more about our comprehensive backflow solutions.

Professional Backflow Prevention Device Installation in Tulsa, OK and Beyond

Installation of a backflow prevention system is not for the DIY enthusiast.  To ensure optimal performance, it is advisable to leave the job to a professional. In fact, the installation should be done by a certified backflow technician, such as those that Acts of Service of Plumbing has on staff. Some of the plumbing appliances that may require a backflow device in your Tulsa home include toilets, faucets that have a hose attachment, garbage disposals, pools and irrigation systems. Our plumbers have the skills and experience needed to install backflow prevention devices. They can comfortably handle all types of backflow prevent replacements and installations.

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If you need professional backflow installation and repair in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Acts of Service Plumbing at (918) 891-1737. We are capable of testing and repairing all backflow devices, big and small, residential or commercial.

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