Decisions. Decisions. Every day, we have to make decisions. That’s why at Acts of Service Plumbing, we strive to make your life easier. After all, we want to see you thrive when it comes to keeping your home in tip top shape. It is possible. Learn how to make good decisions when it comes to a water tank.

Plastic vs Concrete water tanks which are a better option?

Water is the basic need of every residential or commercial building. We need water for different purposes. It cannot always be available as the government has set a time for the water supply, and we have to manage it all day. So, we use water storage tanks of different kinds that can be of plastic or concrete.

It depends upon what kind will suit you and helps you fulfill your needs without causing harm or reluctance. While selecting one water storage container to facilitate the whole house or building, you must consider some factors.

Plastic vs. concrete water tanks which is a better option?

When choosing a water tank for our home, we must consider some critical points like health, water temperature, strength, durability, cleanliness, aesthetic look, ease of installation, leakage, corrosiveness, or budget friendly. So, here is the comparison between these two so you can decide which would be best for you.

1.      Budget-friendly

When choosing anything for our home or property, our main focus is our budget. We have to know which thing will suit us in the sense of good quality and a friendly budget. So, when looking for a budget-friendly water storage container for your property, you must prefer plastic water tanks to concrete ones.

For concrete water storage, you will need to buy materials and hire professionals to build it, and yes, maintenance requirements are higher. So, you should look for a plastic water storage container as you will pay for it, not the material to build and install it.

2.      Effects on water temperature

All things are not perfect; there appear to be some contradictory elements opposing you to choosing them. When choosing a water storage type, you may find the same contradictory factors, like plastic water storage containers are good enough. Still, they cannot keep the water temperature moderate as concrete water storage can. By comparing this property, many people prefer to go with concrete water storage.

But this disadvantage cannot let you quit choosing plastic water storage as you can maintain its temperature by constructing a wall of bricks around it. It will trap the sun’s ultraviolet rays and keep the water temperature normal. Need help with water tank repairs? Call us today!

3.      Keeps your health priority

We use water for washing, bathing, and sometimes drinking purposes, so it must be clean and hygienic. In the case of plastic water storage, we can easily clean it by using a washing agent, may even a dishwasher. As cleaning is easy and not time-consuming, you can clean it every week and keep your family healthy.

On the other hand, concrete water storage is not easy to clean as they need the proper kind of cleaner and a lot of time. That’s why plastic water storage containers are also best for your health.

4.      Aesthetic look

We do not want to ruin the beauty of our building, especially when it comes to the topmost part. Here, we look for the water designs and colors that would suit our building’s look no matter where we are adjusting it.

By keeping the look in mind, we should choose plastic water tanks as they are available in all shapes and colors, so you can buy one of your favorites or the color that best matches your building. So, here plastic water storage container also wins over the concrete one. Count on us today for the best water tank repairs.

5.      Portability

We are living in an age where mood swinging is common. We want different setups with different spaces and layouts. Same thing we want from our roof. We need water storage that is easily moveable, adjustable, and occupies very less space. When thinking of all these qualities, plastic water container takes the game into their hands. Plastic water storage tanks are best for moving anywhere on the roof or whenever you want to adjust.

You do not need to start work from zero when you add another story to your house’s building when you have plastic water storage. But in the case of concrete water storage, you will need to break it first and then build it again on the topmost story of the building.

6.      Strength and durability

If we compare the strength and durability of the plastic and concrete water tanks, plastic will be the runner-up as concrete water storage are much strong and more durable. Plastic water storage cannot bear the ultraviolet rays for a longer time and gets cracks. After a few years, the plastic water storage will reach its end, and concrete water storage will run for years, but it needs maintenance.

You can also go for good quality plastic water tanks if your building’s situation requires one. So, choose a good quality plastic water storage that can stay at least 4 to 5 years with you.

7.      Leakage proof

We are concerned with the safety of our building, so when you are thinking about water storage for your home, you must think about the leakage-proof property. As plastic water storage containers are highly waterproof due to their chemical composition of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a highly denser material that does not allow water to go through it.

But in the case of concrete water storage, the concrete walls may have little pores or cracks, which can cause water leakage. This water leakage can damage your building, and water storage will not be able to keep water longer. So, you need to add an exclusive layer waterproof layer on concrete water storage to avoid leakage.

8.      Anti-corrosive nature

As water tanks keep water always so, they must be rust-free. Plastics are best for this purpose as they do not react with water but are proven as a sheath repelling the water, but the concrete water storage can easily get corrosive due to the absorption of water in its walls and then go for chemical reaction. Need help with water tank repairs? Call our team today!


After comparing all these important properties that water storage tanks must have, plastic wins the battle due to its high quality and health-friendly qualities. You can invest in them with confidence. You can consult with our plumbers to get a better idea for your property if you want to.

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