A complete guide on factors you need to consider before finalizing the size of the water tank

We cannot neglect the importance of water in our lives, not only for drinking but also for other life activities. Wherever we move in the world, we need water. So, when we change our residence, the first thing we need to do is to get the right water storage.

Usually, the buildings have water storage containers on their roofs, but sometimes, these are damaged, and you need to replace them with a new one. So, when buying a new water storage tank, you must consider some important points to make the right selection.

Factors you need to consider before finalizing the size o the water tank

Not only the manufacturing, quality, and color should suit your building and needs, but also the size of the water container. When it comes to getting a suitable size for you, consider some important factors like purpose, need, number of family members, the pressure of water, and building stories.

You should know for which purpose you need it.

We use water for different purposes that can be of different levels. Some are just households and do not demand a lot of water, while some are the contrary. Water storage containers must be of type and size according to the need. If it is for drinking, they must be different, and if for washing and bathing, the size must be greater.

So, before buying a water storage container, you must define the purpose behind which you want it. Otherwise, it can be just a waste of money and time when you choose the wrong size that cannot fulfill the need for which you have bought it.

Size can vary for residential and commercial buildings.

We need water storage for all kinds of buildings, whether residential or commercial, to meet water requirements. For residential buildings, the water demand shows a prominent difference from the commercial building.

  • Usually, commercial buildings need more water than residential buildings, but the case can differ depending on what kind of work is entertained here.
  • So, after properly investigating the water demand, you can decide the size of water storage tanks.

You can discuss with the a professional plumbing cabout the size form where you are about to buy. Experts can guide you better in this regard.

For residential property, consider the number of family members.

When we buy water tanks for our homes, we must consider the family members who will be using water for washing or bathing. It would help if you considered it at high notes to meet the water demand for your family. If you do not choose a suitable size of the water storage container, you will observe problems. You or your family member may meet the water shortage problem when they are in great need of it when they are running for office. So, adopting a proactive approach by assuming the worst consequences is a good option. It will help you to get everything on time as all our home tasks are related to water almost.

Do not forget to estimate the water needed.

You should have an idea about the water quantity that you may need per day or week. It also depends on the schedule of the water supply in your area. You need to get a proper timetable of the water supply, like how many times the water supply is on every day or week.

If you live in an area where the water supply is not regular, and you may face delays for days, you should look for big water tanks to meet at least a week’s water needs. Otherwise, you may face a lot of water shortage. So, it is better to estimate water requirements according to your area.

Must consider the water pressure you receive, and you need

Water pressure is another factor that affects water needs. So, we should consider it as important as the water quantity. As we know, the water pressure depends on the depth of the container you use for water storage.

  • If you need water just for washing and bathing, then medium-sized water tanks are quite enough to meet your need.
  • In another case, when you need water for watering plants with pressure or washing your car or porch, you need good pressure.

So, you should have an ample height of container which can carry enough water for your need and create pressure too.

Consider the number of stories in your house.

The designs and buildings of our houses are different as some have a single story, some two, and some more than two. Due to the number of stories, water pressure and the amount may vary. We must consider the number of stories while buying water storage tanks for our homes.

You need to consider whether you will use a single big water tank for all stories or one for each. It depends on the people’s mutual understanding of living in the building. It can be a good option to buy a big water storage container and install it on the topmost story of the building to get maximum water pressure equally.

Do not forget to measure the place where you want to install it

Your considerations should not be limited to only needs, requirements, and family members, but you should also decide where you want to place the water storage container. It will help you to decide what dimensions will suit this place, either in a vertically heightened container or a horizontally dimensioned container.

Think about the budget as well

We cannot neglect the budget when looking for a water container. The cost ranges from lower to higher as the container size increases.


When water tanks for your home or commercial building are confused about the size, you should consider the factors discussed above. If you want professional help related to any plumbing issue, or you want to install the water tank in your place, you can hire our professional plumbers anytime.

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