Simple ways to test and adjust your water tank if not working properly

Without a hot water supply, you won’t be able to survive through the chilly winters. Any problem in the water tank will make your life difficult doubtlessly. Therefore, if your water tank is not working properly, that signifies water tank repairs.

In further detail, we will discuss how you can test your water and check where the problem lies. We will also provide easy tips to get rid of water tank problems.

Simple ways to test your container if not working properly

Here are the 4 simple ways to test your water if not working properly:

Checkout for any burned-out element

You need to remove the tank’s cover first. If you are not getting a hot water supply only, but a cold water supply is fine, that means there is something wrong with the water heating element. It would help if you looked for burned-out elements inside the water tank.

  • Most of the time, the water-heating anode rods get too dirty or stop working if you don’t maintain them.
  • After every 3-4 years, you have to replace those anode nods, or else they will stop working, or you might start getting a dirty water supply.

If you find the burned element inside the water tank, then you have already found the problem of why you have not been getting a hot water supply lately.

Leakage in the water tank

If you are not getting water pressure in your faucets lately, it is time to check the container’s condition. If you have noticed a water pond around your tank, that is a sign of water leakage.

Your water tank might also have a leakage affecting the water pressure. Any crack in the water tank might be the cause that your water heater is not working properly. It is one of the common problems that most owners face when they don’t take water tank repairs and maintenance seriously.

Horrible sounds while the water heater is working

Whenever you turn on the hot water faucet, you get horrible sounds from your water pipes and the water heater tank; whenever you start getting horrible sounds from your water tank, that is a sign of steam being trapped inside the container.

It is not a good sound that you keep getting those horrible sounds that still don’t fix the problem. You need to find the problem that why the steam gets trapped inside the water tank. If you keep using the water tank in that condition, it might cause other serious problems.

The water temperature is not stable

While you are taking a hot water shower and you get a cold-water burst will spoil your relaxing hot shower time. It is a sign that the water temperature valve of your container is not stable. You need to adjust the temperature and turn on the faucet.

  • Sometimes the valve gets readjusted on its own, or you get a discontinued hot water supply because of the faulty water temperature valve.
  • Most of the time, this problem occurs when you don’t clean the temperature valves.

Even if you adjust the temperature, you won’t get your desired water temperature.

Tips for adjusting your tank if not working properly

We have talked about how to help you find the root of the problem in the water tank, and now it is time to fix them. Following are the tips that will help you in the water tank repairs process:

The Benefits of Cleaning

Maintenance and tank repairs are necessary. If you try to neglect this duty of yours, then you will end up facing the consequences. Surely there will be consequences for not cleaning your tank properly.

If it’s been years that you have been using a water heater and have not cleaned your water tank, then it is time to take off the tank cover. You will find dirt and a lot of sedimentation at the bottom of the tank. The sedimentation is the cause you are not getting a pressure water supply.

Cleaning your tank every 2-3 months is essential; otherwise, it will affect your water supply pressure or quality. You might start getting dirty orange water or green water. Cleaning is the way to get rid of water tank problems.

Repair or replace the faulty element

You might not know yet that the anode rods in your water heater tank require maintenance, and after every 3-4 years, you need to replace them with new ones. If you don’t follow this tip, you might have to replace your whole water heater later.

The anode rods get dirty and green while heating water for your day and night. Replacing them is necessary if you don’t want to use dirty green water. A fault in the anode rods might be the cause of not getting a steady hot water supply. Either you repair the faulty element in your tank or replace them.

Temperature valve repair or replacement

If you are not getting a continuous hot water supply and nothing is wrong with your container, the temperature valve is not working properly. Even if you set the temperature to your desired hot water requirements but suddenly get a cold water burst while using hot water, you need to repair or replace the temperature valve.

Without a fixed temperature valve, you will not get your desired hot water supply. You will keep getting disturbed by the hot and cold water supply together.

Final Words:

If you keep using a faulty water heater, then the scenario might get bad for you. So, finding the problem in your tank and fixing it as soon as possible is better.  If you are not finding the root of the problem, our professionals can help you find it. We will fix any issue with your  tank to give you a good experience. Call us today to discuss any issues you are having with your container.

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