Water storage tank’s leakage is usually due to the cracked or damage to the water tank. The water tank damage or leakage occur when there is movement or any impact or hitting to the water tank, water tank leakage could be also due to the corrosion and general deterioration. As water tank specialist we are able to provide a comprehensive water tank repairing services to solve the leakage issue once and for all. Repair the water tank is a natural choice and a cost-effective solution to your water tank leakage issues. Repairing a leaky water tank is possible. In order to do so, we perform a thorough inspection from both inside and outside. This article will give you additional tips that are helpful for water tank maintenance and services.

Why Is Water Storage Tank Maintenance Important

For facilities that invest in one, a water storage tank is a valuable asset that, much like other critical equipment, requires regular maintenance. It is beneficial to have a well-maintained system. The benefits include:

  • Longer service life. Regularly scheduled tank inspection and maintenance operations allow industry professionals to identify existing damage and potential sources of damage before they become significant This, in turn, reduces the negative impact on the integrity of the tank.
  • Investing in better equipment as issues arise is important. It is important to identify and eliminate the problems immediately.  When you do, the system performs better.
  • Higher water quality. Fixing issues within the water storage tank and connected system decreases the risk of contamination and other negative effects that can affect the quality of the water in potable water tanks.
  • Lower repair and replacement costs by catching issues, such as corrosion or coating delamination before they become bigger problems. Damaged equipment results in costly repairs and replacements.

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Inspection Methods for Water Storage Tanks

The first step of any maintenance operation is inspecting the condition of the equipment. For water storage tanks, inspections can be classified as either wet or dry.

  • The water tank must have a dry inspection before a licensed professional can diagnose the problem.
  • Wet inspections are conducted without emptying the depending on the tank, either a disinfected diver or remote-operated vehicle (ROV) enters the structure to identify potential issues. If significant problems are found, such as peeling paint or thinning steel, then the tank will need to be taken out of service for repair operations.

Regardless of the method, inspection operations generally start from the bottom up, starting at the foundation of the tank and continuing upward to the legs, rods, struts, and ladder. Some of the tank conditions to check for include the thickness of the steel, the thickness of the paint, and the adhesion levels of the coating.

Guidelines for Water Storage Tank Maintenance

The organization, along with other industrial firms and agencies, offers the following principles. However, the frequency of inspection varies depending on a range of criteria, including location, operating conditions, and type employed.

  • Regularly inspections of your water tank are important.  Every system component, including the paint, has been evaluated as part of these Any flaws in the painted surface could jeopardize the integrity of the steel and the water’s purity because paint shields the steel tank components from corrosion.
  • Cleaning procedures ought to be carried out if the system encounters any of the following:
  1. Current repairs or changes to water tanks
  2. Debris or organic growth (e.g., coliform bacteria)
  3. Noticeable alterations in the water’s quality

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