Water leaks are one of the most damaging things to your house. We consider all leaks, including drain leaks and freshwater leaks, when talking about water leaks. No matter what type of leakage you are facing at your home, it is necessary to call plumbers Tulsa immediately to fix the issue. Additionally, it is important to know how the smallest of leakages can damage your property.

So, here is all you need to know about water leaks and their damage to your property.

Top 10  Ways how minor water leaks can damage your property?

There are several ways how water leaks can damage your property. However, here we have listed the top 10 ways minor water leaks can damage your property.

1.      Water leakages can damage walls and paint.

Most of the water pipes go along the walls. So, whenever there is a leakage, the first thing that will be affected will be that wall. Unfortunately, walls get the most damage, and most of that damage is done silently. We rarely know about the leakage unless we see signs of that leakage on the wall. It happens when the paint starts getting off the wall.

So, the water leakage is causing damage to the wall’s structure and the paint as well.

2.      Water can soak into your furniture and other stuff

Consider that you have some furniture or anything else along with that wall where there is a minor leakage. So, things will get worse because the furniture will most likely soak water in itself. The wooden furniture will go bad within a few days because wood is not good against water. The same can happen with a lot of other things, including:

  • Bookshelves
  • Safes with important documents and cash in them
  • Cabinets, etc.

In this way, minor leakages can lead to major losses.

3.      Water leakages are prone to cause electronic issues

Another expensive type of damage to your property due to water leakages is to the electronic stuff. There could be  different types of electronic issues that you may face, including the following:

  • Short circuits burning wires
  • Blown up fuse box because of water leakage
  • Damaged electronic appliances

The worst part here is that you may lose hundreds or thousands only because of minor water leakage.

4.      Leakage can undermine any building.

The biggest and the most lethal among all the issues caused by water leakage is undermining the building. Consider that there is a minor water leakage under the floor of your home. Now that water will not stop on its own, it will keep on seeping inside the ground. The result of a long time of seepage of water will weaken the base of your home.

It is damaging for your property and lethal for you because you never know when the home will collapse. It is also among the most expensive ones to repair.

5.      Water leakages are welcoming germs.

Whether we consider living in the home or selling it for an upgrade, a place with germs never brings good value. When you do not get plumbers Tulsa services to stop leakages, you welcome several types of germs to your home. A common example here is mold growth that looks bad and brings a worse smell.

It is one of the quickest issues you will face because the process starts within 2 days of water leakage. So, it is important to get it fixed from plumbers Tulsa. When you need great water leaks call us today!

6.      Your basement will never be the same.

If you have a basement in your home, it will be great to utilize that space. However, it is only good until there are no foul smells and issues with the walls. A minor leakage on your pipeline can welcome a lot of germs into your basement. The lack of direct sunlight will welcome additional problems. In the worst case, you will get a leakage in the drain pipe, which will result in an even worse smell in the basement.

7.      Mineral buildup can make it necessary to replace taps

Good quality taps do not require replacement sooner, so investing in them is always a good idea. However, a minor leakage may make it necessary for you to get a tap replacement. In places with hard water, you may get mineral buildup on the taps. That mineral buildup is not only hard to remove, but it welcomes even more leakage.

So, the best solution to this problem is to replace taps. So, if you face such issues, professional plumbers Tulsa will make the best choice.

8.      Water leakage causes corrosion in your pipes.

Do you know that one minor leakage in your pipeline can start another one? Yes, especially in homes with metallic pipes. Homes that have copper or metal pipes are prone to getting additional leakage because of corrosion in the pipes. It will cause major damage to your property as you may need to remove building material to repair or replace pipes. Things can get costly here as well. We are great for water leaks repairs!

9.      Water leakages can destroy your outdoor property as well.

If you have some landscaping around the home, even the smallest leaks can destroy that. For example, if you have some vegetables and plants, leakage will create an imbalance in the soil’s water levels, resulting in an imbalance in mineral levels. Thus, those will be damaged. The soil patches with grass will also become so soft that walking on them will damage the grass.

10.  Damaged floors are a common cause of water leakage.

The last damage that makes it extremely important to get minor leakage fixed by the professional plumbers Tulsa is about floors. When there is a leakage in the floor, it can get damaged, ruining the value of your property. It does not matter if you have a stone floor or wooden floor; water leakage will damage all types of floors at your property. We respond promptly for the best water leaks and repairs services!


Whether you are planning to live in your home or upgrade to a better one, water leakage is unbearable. It is because it will not only damage your property but also decrease your property’s value. So, the best practice for you is to detect a water leak and call professional plumbers Tulsa as soon as possible. It is the only way by which you can protect your property from adverse damage.