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What are smart water heaters? Are they worth the investment? The pros and cons of using them.

Modernization gives rise to smart devices which are acting as control systems. Smart devices are mainly involved in automation. Almost all the appliances, even the water heater, could be automated by simply connecting with the smart devices.

Smart water heaters enable you to control it with your smartphone, even sitting apart. Automation is always fixed with the control system of the water heater to control it remotely. Smart water heaters and other automation are mostly performed through Google assistant and many other mobile phone apps.

Smart water heaters are smart because of automation and have many other unique features over conventional heaters. It is worth it because it is friendly on climate and your budget. But it is costly to operate it with low heating time.

What makes a water heater smart?

Smart water heaters are unique in their functions and operation. The thing that makes the water heater smart is as follows.


The only difference that discriminates conventional water heaters from smart ones is automation. The automation may be of various kinds, such as;

  • Automating the temperature measurement to shift it from the on to the off position when it reaches the required level. In conventional heaters, a thermostat is used to control it.
  • Automation of two functions at a time. For example, smart water heaters are capable of controlling the water temperature by monitoring the level of consumed water at the same time.

Unlike the thermostat that automatically turns on the heater when water becomes cold, it turns on the heater when needed or under use.

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Installation of an appropriate smart device

Simple water heaters could also be shifted to smart ones by adding a smart monitoring and controlling device into its control system. However, installation depends that what kind of automation and monitoring you need.

  • Monitoring temperature
  • Monitoring water consumption level
  • Controlling the switching of the water heater
  • Monitoring input energy level
  • Monitoring sensors for maintenance

Are they worth the investment?

Smart heaters are smart in their performance and smartly utilize input energy, so they are budget-friendly. Therefore, it’s worth investing in them.

Following are the valuable features of smart heaters that make them worthy.

Friendly on energy consumption

One of the best features of smart heaters is energy saving. It is efficient in utilizing the input energy. Conventional heaters are not energy-efficient because they are manually switched by the thermostat. That’s why they consume more energy and save nothing.

While automated smart heaters are efficient in energy saving because they automatically set up operating hours and switch on and off as per requirement, this will not only save energy but also keep their working efficient.

It is eco-friendly and time-saving if the hot water utilizing hours per day are already saved into the installed smart control system.

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Friendly on utility bills

Smart water heaters are energy-efficient, so they are friendly on your wallet. Smart device installation enables them to function according to the saved schedule. This will avoid energy loss and save money.

Hence smart water heaters are worth the investment by saving energy, which saves money. The best thing is you can freely instruct the installed monitoring device to operate the automated control device accordingly.


They are worthy because of their adaptability. It is because the new working routine will be upgraded by changing the saved running routine from the smart device. The smart heater will follow the new routine to save energy and time.

The pros and cons of the use of smart water heaters

Following are the pros and cons of smart water heaters.

Pros of using smart water heaters

Efficient in every aspect

The most important benefit of the smart heater is its efficiency in heating water without wasting energy, time, and money. A water heater is made smart by installing a smart controlling device such as;

  • Efficient in consuming energy and utilizing it in converting cold water into hot. The energy-efficient ability of smart heaters makes them eco-friendly.
  • The fully controlled system makes them more efficient due to automation. Automation avoids energy loss and turns off and, on the heater, as per need.

Safer to use

The complete control system is the key factor behind its ability to provide safety to the user and environment. It is beneficial in many ways, such as;

  • If someone forgets to turn off the water heater while leaving his home, he must have the option to shut it down by using the mobile app.
  • Another option is if automation is installed along with a timer, there would be no need to switch on or off the smart heater by using any app or online assistant. The heater will automatically turn off after completing its working duration.

Automation in smart water heaters helps monitor any damage or default, avoiding any kind of leakage.

Microbial free

Another essential function of smart water heaters is they give hot water with no bacteria. Most conventional water heaters facilitate the growth of some diseased microbes. But the automated ones kill the growing bacteria by switching on or off the heating for specific intervals.

Cons of using smart water heaters

Costly installation

The main con of using smart water heaters is their cost. The cost of installing a smart controlling system is very high because of the automated features. Fixing and controlling the monitoring setup is costly to install inside the water heater.

Do not control remotely if set periodically to switch

The other main drawback of the smart water heater is its memory. If you instruct it to run according to the saved instructions into the smart device, it will not control remotely; instead, it will switch automatically.


Smart water heaters are upgraded appliances with a small pieces of smart devices which completely control them automatically. Smart heaters are worth the investment by saving energy and money. They are mainly beneficial, but a few limitations of cost and operation are also there while using them.

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