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What Does Going the Extra Mile Look Like in Plumbing?

The plumbing business depends more on the customer service quality you bring to the table. To grow your business better, you need to go the extra mile. Knowing everything you need to do to make that extra space in your customer’s hearts will benefit your business significantly. However, the more important thing you must know is what you need to do.

What does it mean when your plumbing company goes the extra mile?

Here is what it means to go the extra mile while running a plumbing business.

1.      Staying available late or 24 hours

Customers may require your plumbing services at any time of the day. Such things can happen at any time of the day, whether it is a leaking tap that won’t stop or a clogged drain. So, you can go the extra mile by letting your customers know that your services are available even after working hours. In the best case, you may provide 24-hour services, which can be very helpful for different customers.

2.      Working in or after harsh weather conditions

Different weather conditions bring different plumbing emergencies. For instance, during heavy rain, people often get the following issues:

  • Clogged rain gutters.
  • Leaking rain gutters
  • Clogged drainage.
  • Drainage backing up.
  • Underground pipes bursting

Similarly, a snowstorm can cause issues by freezing water in outdoor pipes and damaging the outdoor installed heater. Your business can go the extra mile and provide services during these conditions or right after the storm/rain. Thus, you will be providing your customers with instant relief from such issues.

3.      Emergency services on holidays

Plumbing emergencies are the worst during holidays because customers cannot find any service provider. It might be an opportunity for your business to provide services during holidays as it matters a lot for customers.

Whether customers have guests coming over or they are leaving for somewhere, providing emergency plumbing services during the holiday season will make their holiday much better just because of your services.

4.      Making everything easier for customers, including assistance, service, and payment

A plumbing company must make everything easy for the customer. When someone goes through a plumbing emergency, they will contact the professionals. So, you must provide great assistance that will help reduce the damage due to that emergency.

Next, your services must be instant and reliable. Lastly, payment must be easy enough, so customer gets different payment options like the following:

  • Mobile payment by credit card
  • Online payments
  • Cash

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5.      Offering customers peace of mind through longer warranties

When your service quality is up to the mark, going the extra mile to provide warranties must not be an issue. Customers are skeptical about the efficiency of your plumbing job, and you can offer them peace of mind by offering longer warranties.

For example, for installing a water heater, your company may offer a 1–6-month leakage warranty, ensuring that the customer won’t face the same issue in that time.

6.      Ensuring to keep the customers and their property safe.

Plumbing professionals only have to care about their job and efficiency at work. However, your business can add more value to every job by ensuring the safety of your customer’s property and safety.

Plumbing issues with water can cause structural damage, while with gas pipes come life-threatening situations. So, the professionals can take all the necessary steps to ensure that nothing bad happens while you are at work or even after you have left.

How does a plumbing company get good value by going the extra mile?

Going the extra mile in the plumbing business brings many customer benefits. Meanwhile, it brings great value to your business as well, and here is how:

1.      Customers know who to call in a plumbing emergency.

When a plumbing company goes the extra mile, they are remembered by customers. So, the next time a customer faces a plumbing emergency, he will know the right place to call. It not only makes things easy for the customers, but your business can also achieve a better place in the market with an improved customer base and a positive image.

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2.      You get special value and respect from customers.

People usually respect and value the professionals who provide services under special circumstances. They may show this value and respect by offering special tips during the holiday season. Customers are usually very thankful to the professionals dealing with plumbing emergencies, especially under harsh weather conditions.

Altogether these things can enhance your business’s image in the mind of every customer you serve.

3.      Loyalty and retention increase in your customers.

Loyalty and retention matter a lot for a business like a plumbing company. Usually, that is very difficult because customers are always looking for the better option that has something unique and falls under their specific budget.

Well, your business can make a difference by going the extra mile. At little to no additional cost at your end, the experience for your customers will become much better, which will help your business retain old customers. It helps keep them loyal for a long time; in the best case, this loyalty may live up to generations.


4.      Word-of-mouth marketing works most effectively for you.

Word-of-mouth marketing is exceptionally important for service-providing businesses, especially those operating locally. Customers have become more aware of selecting the right company and often ask for reviews before selecting anything.

Whether it is an online platform, or your customer asks from someone they know, if you have served them with all the value, they will recommend your business. Word-of-mouth marketing works passively for you, and you can benefit from it amazingly for years.


In today’s competitive market, almost every company can provide basic services with good quality standards. If a business has to make a difference, it can be done by going the extra mile. So, ensure that you always go the extra mile and provide all the value your customer deserves. The value you get in return will be exceptional, considering how it helps your business grow.

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