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What are Seven Plumbing Nightmares People Have Experienced?

Plumbing nightmares can be different for everyone, but people commonly face certain plumbing problems. The reason for calling such problems a nightmare is that people never want to face the same issue again and always fear it.

While usually, these issues are because of negligence when installing or skipping regular maintenance, knowing how to deal with the situation is the most important thing for the person going through it.

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Seven plumbing nightmares you never want to face in your life.

Here are the top 7 plumbing nightmares people have experienced, and you never want to face them in your life, even for once.

1.      Drain becoming slower or clogging.

One of the biggest and most common plumbing nightmares among people is their drain becoming slower and eventually clogging. Drains can become slow because of several reasons, and the most common ones include the following:

  • Wrong drain installation
  • Flushing drains with things that shouldn’t be there
  • Kitchen drains have oil deposits in them.

The problem often starts very slowly, and you don’t know about it being there unless the effects have significantly increased. In most cases, people come to know at the last stage when they require emergency services, and the whole thing costs them huge.

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How to avoid this situation?

The best way to deal with this situation is regularly cleaning your drain and ensuring that nothing goes down the drain that isn’t supposed to.

2.      Low water pressure

Low water pressure can be a nightmare because it puts every plumbing application to hold. Your heater won’t perform effectively, and you won’t be able to shower. The toilet tank will take forever to fill up. You won’t be able to water the plants, and in the worst case, the taps will have low water pressure in:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Everywhere else

Usually, we face plumbing issues with drainpipes, and issues with clean water pipes are rare. However, you won’t feel how problematic this could be unless you face it.

How to avoid this situation?

The best way to avoid this is by installing every plumbing appliance correctly. Additionally, you need to check the water quality at your place and ensure that you don’t have hard water flowing through your taps. That can cause build-up, which will eventually lead to low water pressure.

3.      Pipe bursts

Pipe bursts are none less than a nightmare, especially when the drainpipe bursts. It is because all the dirty water gets everywhere, and such situations can bring heavy structural damage along them. There could be several reasons behind a pipe burst, including:

  • Excessive water pressure
  • Water backs up your drain from the main drain line, and you have a backup protection valve installed.
  • Wear and tear caused the structure of the pipe to become weak.

How to avoid or resolve this situation?

If you ever face a pipe burst at your place, you need to look for the valve that cuts the water supply to that pipe. If the drainpipe has burst, you will not find any valve for it. The best you can do is cover the burst up so that the water stops spreading everywhere because of the pressure and only flows in the direction of the slope.

Meanwhile, call the professionals so that they can resolve the issue on an emergency basis.

4.      A water heater that fails.

The situation will be unbearable if you live where the temperature is cold, and your water heater fails to perform. It is impossible to deal with cold water in some areas, and always having your heater on is essential.

How to avoid this situation?

The right way to avoid this problem is by getting your heater regularly checked. You can also see the heater failing to call professionals at the right time to resolve this issue.

5.      Using the wrong pipe material for a plumbing job

One of the worst things that can happen to the plumbing infrastructure at your place is using the wrong pipe material. It usually happens when you do hire professionals for the job. Certain materials are not made for hot water temperatures.

Similarly, some pipes are only designed for certain applications, including indoor or outdoor usage. When a wrong pipe is installed, the frequency of plumbing issues at your place will increase, and resolving the issue would cost a fortune to replace the whole plumbing body.

How to avoid this situation?

The best way to avoid it is by choosing the right professionals for the job.

6.      Unplanned plumbing jobs

Unplanned plumbing jobs don’t necessarily become a nightmare if you select the right person. For example, while building your house, you did not plan a toilet somewhere, and now you have to install it, compromising everything else.

If the installer takes shortcuts, there could be several drainage, finishing, and water pressure issues. On the other hand, making everything correct for an unplanned job will cost a lot.

How to avoid this situation?

The solution to this problem is always to have a plan and leave plumbing services in all the potential locations for easier upgradation.

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7.      Not following local plumbing rules.

The last common plumbing nightmare is not following local plumbing guidelines and rules. It may happen if you select a non-competition plumbing services provider for the job. They don’t follow the rules, and it may cause several issues:

  • Drain backup due to wrong installation slope angle.
  • Huge fines because installing garbage disposal was not allowed.
  • Hefty plumbing repair costs.

When you opt for professionals for the job, such problems rarely occur.

How to avoid this situation?

You need to get the plumbing plan, and job approved by officials and ensure that your plumbers follow that.

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You never know when you will face a plumbing issue that becomes a nightmare. So, the best you can do is to get installation services from professionals in the first place to reduce the chances of such issues. Additionally, it is recommended to get regular inspections and checkups. Lastly, if you ever face any of these problems, call professionals immediately for emergency services to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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