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Plumbing inspection for a New Home-What are the top seven steps to ensure plumbing is good?

Plumbing is one of the important things to check for when buying a new house. Bad plumbing can ruin the beauty of the house. Before getting a new house, you should thoroughly check the plumbing. If the plumbing in the new home is not great, there is no reason to buy such a place.

Other than that, bad plumbing can make the land marshy, swampy, and smelly. You can overcome all these problems if you know how to inspect the plumbing, or you can hire a professional to inspect you.

Top seven steps to ensure good plumbing.

If you learn these seven steps, you won’t need a professional plumber to know whether the plumbing is good. Bad plumbing can be the root of problems if not identified on time. It can make life easier for you if taken seriously. Bad plumbing can even result in the complete dissolution of the house.

1.      Check the gutter

The first thing you want to check when inspecting plumbing is to check the gutter. If the gutter is clean and the water and waste are flowing normally, then there is no problem with the plumbing, but that doesn’t mean that overall, the plumbing is good because bad plumbing can be because of multiple other reasons well. If you see the flow of the water and waste in the gutter slower than normal, it is directly directed toward bad plumbing. The gutter is where all the water and waste come in the end, so it is important to check the gutter.

2.      Inspect all the bathroom’s features and drainages.

Bathrooms can mess up the drainage system. You can check the bathroom drainage system by opening the drain cup and checking if it is clean and the water can easily flow. After checking the drainage, you should check all the other features of the bathroom, like faucets, sink drain, bathtub, and shower. You should check the water pressure and the availability of hot and cold water in the bathroom features.

3.      Drainage of the kitchen

If you think bathroom drainage is a mess, you have yet to see the drainage of the kitchen. If kitchen plumbing is poor, there will be an accumulation of grease and dirt in the drainage. To ensure that the kitchen’s plumbing is good, you should check the kitchen’s drainage immediately. If the kitchen has a good drainage system, there will be no signs of grease and dirt accumulation. You should also check the faucet’s hot and cold-water availability and the faucet’s water pressure.

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4.      Check the lawn.

Mostly the main plumbing system is beneath the lawn. If you see any sign of marsh and swamp in the lawn, it means that the house’s plumbing system is a failure and needs replacement. Not only will the lawn be wet it will also stink.

Sometimes, there are signs of lumpiness in the lawn because of bad plumbing. The huge lumps in the ground can also be signs of bad plumbing. If the lawn is dry and there aren’t any signs of lumps, then the house’s plumbing is good.

5.      Look into the water and waste drain flow.

Water and waste drain flow is important because it can give you a straight answer to your question: Does the house have good plumbing? If the water and waste drain flow is good and proceeds normally, then it means the plumbing system is good, but if the water and waste drain flow is sometimes slow and sometimes normal, then it means the plumbing system has flaws that need to be checked. You can check the house’s overall drain flow in the gutter and every water facility drain flow.

6.      Search for leaks

Leaks can be very deadly and can destroy the whole property alone. You should thoroughly search for leaks in all the water facilities. A leak in the pipes means the plumbing system needs to be better. Leaks can appear for several reasons. It can be due to the poor quality of the pipes. It can also be due to high water pressure. If the leaks are not found on time, they can create a mess and ruin the whole property.

7.      Inspect the walls for cracks and dampness.

Most of the time, houses with bad plumbing systems have cracked and wet walls. After checking all the other water facilities, you should check the walls of the house as well. If the walls are wet, it means that something is leaking, and it is making the wall wet. If the water leaks too much, it can also cause cracks in the wall, which can endanger the house’s safety. Change of color also appears in the walls when there is water leakage.

Hire a professional plumber to check everything clearly.

If you still need clarification about the house plumbing system after checking it on your own, hire a professional plumber, as they have the skills and vast experience in the plumbing business. A professional plumber can check every little thing about the plumbing.

A plumber will provide you with a complete report of their observations and tell you if the house has a good or bad plumbing system. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions on your own when you are having doubts or are unsure about it; rather, you should let it be handled by professionals who can take care of it in a professional way and let you know if it has good plumbing or not.

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Final Words

Before buying a house, you must check every facility; the water facility is the most important as it is an everyday-use facility. You should check the plumbing system thoroughly because a bad one can make the home from the best to the worst.

You can ensure a good plumbing system by following the steps which are stated above. If you are still trying to figure out your judgment, you can hire a professional plumber who can check if the plumbing system is top-notch or a complete failure.

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