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What causes inconsistent water temperature, and how to avoid it?

While taking a relaxing hot shower or bath to get rid of your stress and all tiredness, you suddenly get a burst of cold water instead of hot water. Well, it will kill your idea of enjoying a hot bath. What is the reason for not getting hot water constantly? How can you fix this problem so this doesn’t happen to you anymore in the future?

Find out all you need to know below.

Causes of inconsistent water temperature to know about

Here are the top 5 causes of inconsistent water temperature:

·         Broken or cracked dip tube

Do you know the mechanism of how a water heater works? A dip tube makes the water hot if you don’t have any idea about that before. What if the dip tube gets a crack or they get broken? Well, this does happen, and you don’t get a consistent hot water supply when it happens. The drip tube problem is one main reason for the inconsistent hot water supply.

·         Tank-less water geysers

The trend o tankless water heaters are getting popular. They look sleek and don’t require much space to get installed. Such water heaters do have a drawback just because they are tankless. They don’t have hot water saved in them. You get an instant hot water supply when you turn the heat on and open the tap.

Sometimes the water gets too hot that you might get your skin burned. Sometimes that water turns into the chilly cold, and your soul might feel the chilliness.

If you have a tankless water heater, it is quite common to face inconsistent water temperature problems. A tankless heater does look smart, but it doesn’t work smartly, and you end up facing the consequences of choosing that product.

·         Insufficient water tank size

Someone took an hour-long hot bath before you, and now it’s your turn, and the minute you turn on the tap, you get a burst of cold water. This problem occurs when the water heater tank size is insufficient for the number of people using hot water.

You must install a water heater with a bigger tank size if the number of people living and using hot water is more than 4. Having medium size water heater tank for a family of 5 to 7 people won’t be sufficient. So, it is a big factor in inconsistent water temperature. A better solution is to hire our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts and get a new tank installed.

·         The temperature control knob is broken.

Sometimes you don’t know, but the water heater knob is broken, and the water temperature changes. If the temperature keeps fluctuating, then it is quite simple that you won’t get a consistent hot water supply.

·         The mixer valve is working

Your shower will have a mixer valve, and you think that you have mixed the hot and cold water supply to perfection, but still the water temperature is not good enough for you? Are you sure that the mixer valve is perfectly alright? What if the mixer is broken and you don’t know about it? It does happen, so you have to ensure that the mixer valve is working perfectly alright to get your perfectly mixed water supply consistently.

How to avoid inconsistent water temperature?

We have already mentioned the solution to the inconsistent water temperature problem but let’s discuss a few more ways to get rid of this problem. Following are a few tips that might help you to get rid of your inconsistent water temperature problems:

·         Get a bigger water heater

We have mentioned the problem of not having a sufficient amount of hot water saved in the water heater tank is a major cause of inconsistent water temperature. If the number of people using hot water is more than the water heater water supply capacity, you will have to deal with hot and cold water problems. So, the solution is to replace your water heater with a bigger one.

If you don’t want to replace your water heater, get a smaller one for your bathroom so you don’t have to face inconsistent water temperature problems. It will be wise to have a water heater that you will only use in your bathroom or for cleaning your dishes in your kitchen. Get our Plumbing Tulsa services for installation of water heater.

·         Check and repair the mixer valve

There might be no problem with the water heater. Yes, there might be a problem with the mixer valve of your shower. It often happens that your water heater is not working perfectly, but the problem would be in the mixer valve. Even if you mix the hot and cold water supply to perfection but still sometimes the water gets either too hot or too cold, then the problem is in the mixer valve.

You will be able to repair the mixer valve on your own, or if you think that the problem is beyond repair, then you need to replace the valve if you don’t want to get cold water burst while you are enjoying your hot bath.

·         Check for any blockage

Everything is working fine, and you haven’t found any problem with the mixer valve, and the water heater tank is also perfect; then what is the reason for the inconsistent water temperature? What if there is a blockage in the supply of the hot water pipe?

Yes, there might be a blockage in the hot water pipe. It would help if you cleaned the water pipe on your own. You can also call our plumbers from Plumbing Tulsa for this job. It is wise to get a professional for this job because you might end up causing damage to the water pipe while cleaning.

Final Remarks:

If you follow the tips that we have mentioned to get rid of inconsistent water temperature problems, your bath time will not get disturbed by a cold water burst anymore. You can fix the problem on your own, or if you don’t want to take any risk, you need to call our professional plumbers for Best Plumbing Tulsa services.

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