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Common Drain Cloggers in a Home

Your drains get clogged every other day, which means you are not doing justice to them. That’s why they eventually get clogged. Don’t you think it would be wise to try to change your habits and save yourself from the trouble of unclogging your drains? In our daily life routine, we don’t bother to pay attention that how we are using the drains. When you don’t pay attention, problems start taking place in your drains.

Common reasons why your drain gets clogged

If you need clarification about why your drain gets clogged, let’s dig into the details to avoid making those mistakes. Following are the most common reasons that clog your drains quite often:

1.      Your hairs are the number one reason

You might be thinking that how few hairs can clog the drain? If you don’t remove your hair from the drain after taking a shower or combing your hair, then everyone might follow the same routine. Maybe a few hairs won’t clog the drain, but if everyone does the same, that hair will eventually clog your drain.

The most common reason you might find yourself unclogging the drain would be a collection of hair inside the drain pipe. You can miss taking out hair from the drain once or twice, but if you don’t take them out unless your drain gets clogged, nothing can save you from clogging trouble. Plus, when hair gets mixed with soap and shampoo, it will only worsen the drain situation.

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2.      Greasy, oily, and fatty waste

After your hair, another common reason is dumping grease and oily and fatty waste into the drain. The greasy material will not get drained through the pipes into the sewerage. Eventually, the oily build-up will clog your drains. Sometimes while wasting dishes, we don’t care about the presence of oil in them, and we keep washing them.

No matter how much water you pour into the drain, unless it is boiling, it will get clogged if you keep pouring oily waste into the drain. Therefore, getting rid of the greasy part of the dishes before you wash them is necessary. Even if you are pouring oil into the drain for any reason, you need to stop doing that because, eventually, the oil will clog your drain.

3.      Food waste is the worst enemy

The worst enemy of your drains is food waste. As we have said above, remove the oily part of your dishes before washing them because the oil will clog the drains. What about the leftovers in the dishes? Do you think the leftovers will simply slide through the drains without clogging them? Well, you are highly mistaken, and if your drain is always clogged, then this might be the reason.

Food waste in the drain is going to clog them. The food waste never slides from the drains into the sewerage. It will get stuck at some point and clogs the way. Getting rid of food waste from the drains will be a task. It would be best to avoid making this mistake. It is necessary to take out the food waste and put it in the trash instead of the drains because this situation will worsen.

4.      Kitty litter clogs the drains

You might be thinking that how kitty litter can clog the drains. Well, throwing kitty litter into the drain will clog it within no time. The litter never gets through the drains, but it will be stuck there. It will melt like sand and settles into your drains. You can even experiment with this by pouring water into your kitty’s litter, and you will notice it melts within minutes.

It gets thick and hard, and you can imagine throwing it into your drains will certainly clog them. Always dump your kitty litter into the trash because drains cannot handle it and will get clogged.

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5.      Even flushable items are bad

Only human waste and tissues are flushable, but some products have a flushable tag. If you keep flushing that product into your drains, the flushing will eventually stop. Yes, even products with flushable details printed on them are not 100% flushable. They might become a reason your drains are clogged because you don’t know much about them.

Therefore, even if you find flushable written on any product’s packaging, you should not do it. Avoid doing it because it will create a mess inside your drains and cause damage.

6.      Hard tissues/wipes

When it comes to tissues that everyone thinks are flushable products, they are highly mistaken. Not all types of tissues are flushable. Different types of tissues are available in the market, and you need to get those soft tissues that don’t clog the drain. If you get hard tissues, then it will create problems for you.

There are wipes and makeup tissues that are not flushable as well. So, never compare soft tissue with hard tissue or wipes if you don’t want your drains to get clogged. They never get flushed and will get stuck there in the drain until you take some measures to take them out of your drain.

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7.      Branches while trimming the trees

If the trees are somehow close to your plumbing system, then it is a great possibility that while trimming them, the branches will fall into your plumbing system. The branches will get stuck into the drain system, and they will clog it. If you are not doing anything we have said above, but still, your drain gets clogged whenever you take care of your plants and trim them, this might be the reason.

Branches of the trees will never slip through the drains until you take them out. If you don’t, then they will clog the drain.

Final Words:

Sometimes the drains get clogged quite badly, and without professional help, you won’t be able to unclog them. We have discussed the common reasons why your drains get clogged every now and then. If you want to save yourself from trouble, try to change your habits and avoid making the mistakes mentioned above.

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