We are using water heaters in our homes to get instant hot water for washing or bathing. The experts say we should get a water heater replacement every year to avoid any inconvenience during December. Best plumbing Tulsa services serve the people of Tulsa in both regards, either for repairing or replacing the water.

Water heaters come either with tanks or without water tanks. When we expect warm water in cold winter, we should keep a check and balance our heater installation.

Best plumbing services recommend you check the condition of the heater tank and electric and gas supply in any way. It should be properly functioning efficiently and not waste electricity or gas. It should be safe for the family members.

Why is it important to get water heater replacement services every year?

Thinking of why you should get a water heater replacement every year when you did it last year? Yes, it is important for your family’s safety and competing with the higher utility bills. The only way to ensure this is to hire the best plumbing Tulsa services to replace a water heater with a tank. Following reasons, the root causes appealing you to get water heater replacement every year.

To avoid extra utility bills.

If you are using the old water heater in your home, you may be paying higher utility bills for electricity or gas. There can be two possibilities behind this reason. Firstly, either it is using old technology and too much energy, and secondly, over time, there can be gas leakage from the gas connection you have provided to the water heater. Both conditions are alarming in sense of safety and expenses. So, to avoid this situation, getting a water heater replacement every year is better.

To get proper warm water during winter.

In winter, we need proper warm water for bathing, washing hands, clothes, and kitchen. So, it is necessary to have an efficient water heater in our home to get warm water in cold weather. If you have an old water heater, its efficiency must be lower than the new one or when it was new. It will not warm the water to what you expect or will take a lot of time.

It can make you late for the office or reach an urgent meeting. Thinking proactively and taking the initiative are better before facing the situation. You can avoid this situation by calling the best plumbing Tulsa service and getting your water heater replacement.

To fulfil the need for warm water for the family.

Thankfully, we are living in a house with our families. Every Family member needs water for different purposes and at different times. So, our water heater should be capable of providing enough water to fulfil the needs of a family of more than 6 members at least. If you have not updated or replaced your water heater this year, you will face problems in this regard. Before the arrival of winter, you should examine the efficiency of your water heater and replace it if you feel the need.

To avoid wasting money many times.

Sometimes, we use the water heater for years without considering and understanding the waste of energy and money. Using an old water heater must be using more energy, and you are getting more electric or gas bills.

In another scenario, you spend a certain amount on repairing and maintaining the water heater. You might be doing these two or three times in the winter season. Don’t you think getting a water heater yearly is better than spending money on water heater repair?

To avoid leaks from the heater tank.

When using tank water heaters, we may face the situation of leakage from the tank if it rusts. Other reasons can also be there for the water leakage from the tank. Over time, the walls of the water heater may get cracks from where water makes its way and could not stay for a longer time in the tank.

You will again have to fill it for the next use and use a lot of energy for heating the water.

This leakage can also cause you or the surroundings some kind of damage as the water leaking from it is hot. Usually, the temperature of hot water in the tank is higher than the tankless water heater. So, getting your water heater inspected every year is better to avoid spending money on changing the water tank.

To avoid low-pressure water.

When the water heater is not more efficient as it was new, there are chances it will not provide good water pressure. Reasons for this low-pressure water may be different: leakage or some blockage in the heater tank. You need to maintain the water heater properly; otherwise, you will face such a problem. Going through all these signs and having low water pressure, it seems better to get a water heater every year. Simply call the best plumbing Tulsa and get water heater  services.

To avoid getting rusty and dirty water.

The heater’s water tank is usually made of iron, and it can get you a longer stay of water in it. We do not pay attention to the water in the tank but keep filching and using the hot water. Even when the winter season goes away, people do not release water from the tank because it corrodes.

The rusting of iron increases to the extent that in the next season, you will feel, smell and observe rust in water. You are not getting clean and fresh water from the cold-water tan. To avoid such a situation, you should get a water heater  every year and enjoy the clean, warm water.

For the safety of your family

Old water heater tanks can have damaged walls which can cause a blast on heating the water. It means the older water heater tanks are highly dangerous for our family. To deal with such a situation proactively, we should knock it down before it happens. It would help to replace the water heater yearly by calling the best plumbing Tulsa service.


It is important to get a water heater inspected every year to avoid safety harm, more energy expenses, and get clean and enough water for the family. So, call for the best plumbing Tulsa and get your water heater in the best condition possible.