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5 Steps to do when you see water coming through your walls?

Leakage of the pipes are one of the biggest problems that can occur in the home. This article will explain 4 reasons for leakage and also 5 steps explaining what to do when you have a leaked pipe(s). Leaks are expensive to fix and can provoke a damage in the home, if you do not make precautionary measures and seek for early signs. With this you can avoid problems with bigger problems and leakage in the walls.

4 reasons for water leakage from the pipes

  1. Corrosion

If the pipes are influenced from the air and water, and can cause break down of the metal. If the metal is too thin, can easily break or crack and make a leak. You will notice a water leaking, you should inspect the plumbing on various place and seek corrosion. Sometimes this plumbing have to be replaced in bigger section, because if one place leaks (and the reason is corrosion), the next piping section will soon have the same problem. To prevent even more costly problem, call a professional to check the condition of the pipes.

  1. High pressure of the water in the pipes

If you have a high pressure of the water it can lead to leak of the plumbing. This is a common case if you leave in an old home, where the pipes are not made for the water pressure. An obvious sign is seeping under the sink, it can run down walls or dripping outside the faucet.

  1. Change of the temperature

If the water freezes, it will expand its volume. This expansion will make small cracks in the pipes, and will provoke leaks. If the temperature changes, the pipes will adjust with expanding and contracting. You may notice during those periods, the pipe is adjusting to change of the temperature. If the leak continues even after this period of season, or if other leaks in the home occur, there can be be bigger problem. In this case, you need to call a professional.

  1. Changes in the foundation of the home

When the plumbing is leaking, can be provoked by the shifting of the ground around the home. This is the case after the heavy rains and moving the soil, or if the pipes are placed on a new settled ground. These kind of problems will need an extensive work to solve the problem for longer period of time.

When there is a leak which was undetected longer period of time, can cause damage to the home (or business) and to the furniture and inside decoration. Signs will vary and can be: crumbling and bubbling paint, rooting of the floor, mold, yellow spots on the wooden furniture etc. These problems can be serious and can affect the home, also will end up with a huge bill for reparation of the inside of your home.

How to discover a leak? You must follow these 5 steps:

  1. Learn the sing that shows a water leakage in the wall

To find a leak inside the walls, first step is to know that there is a pipe that has bursted or cracked.  You must find an obvious sign of a pile that is broken –standing water or a wet carpet near that wall, also sign is the discoloration of the wall. If bigger amount of water is accumulated in the wall, you will also see a change of the wall’s texture. You can notice that the wallpaper or paint on the wall has bubbling on some places or bulging. If on the wall appears a bulge on outside part of the wall, it is a sign for a big leak and this needs to be found right away.

If there is any moist in the environment, it can be a sign for a leak in the wall. Also you will notice mold, which can be harmful for breathing. In this case you should call a professional or professional company.

  1. Be careful and observe the water bill – especially if it is higher than usually

Always be careful with the water bill. Having a higher expense is a sign that something is wrong with the pipes. This is a potential problem and you must inspect the whole piping system and apparatuses connected to the water supply. If you can not find anything suspicious, call a professional.

  1. Buy and use a moisture meter – whenever you think that there is a leak

If you want to train yourself how to find a leak in the wall, first you must buy some equipment. There are several tools that can be bought or rented and will help you to find the leak in walls. One of that tools is moisture meter. If you are suspicious that inside certain wall there is a leak, make measurements on several places on the wall. The places that have highest results are the one closest to the leak.

  1. You can locate a leak with infrared camera

The places with moisture are colder than the other air and materials surrounding them, use an infrared camera to see where the moisture comes from.

  1. You can remove part of the drywall and find the cracked pipe

When you have a read of the moisture and where it is located on the wall, remove drywall and start the repairing of the leak. Cut with a drywall saw, make a big opening where you can put the head and use a flashlight to have a better sight inside the wall.

When the leaking is detected, important is to react on time. If it is smaller leakage, do not ignore it. This is especially when the pipes are old and soon they need change. Be also aware if some noise is produced by all apparatus connected to the water pipes. Anything suspicious may lead to problems and to cracked pipes. And most importantly – if you think that you can not solve the problem, call a professional or a professional company.

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