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Winter is Over, How to Repair Leaking or Cracked Pipes

What can cause burst in pipes

Damaged pipe is not a good news for a homeowner, regardless it is the house he reside or a rental home. This problem can make water leaks and cost you a lot. But there are several signs for seeking if the pipe is broken.

  1. The pipe is freezed

This is number one cause for occurring a broken pipe. If the pipe is exposed to cold air, the water can freeze and change in ice. The ice will expand and this will lead to increasing of pressure inside the pipe. Eventually, this will lead to braking the pipe. If you do not take adequate steps before the winter come – to inspect your pipes.

  1. The pipe is clogged or blocked

If the toilets and drains are blocked, they can make a back up in the house. This is very inconvenient situation due to untidiness and a serious health risk, and is even worse if the sewage and wastewater are involved. If the drains are clogged can cause to rise the water pressure in the pipes, and result with ruptures. If some constructions are making near to the house, the pipes may damage because of environmental issues. Due to this kind of works near the home, can block the toilets with bringing sand in the pipes. If the pressure becomes more and more high, the pipes will rupture. This is a case especially if the pipes are not well maintained.

  1. The pipes are old and worn out

In some cases the pipe can burst if it is too old. This means that an erosion on the surface is made, as a result of the reaction and acidity of the water. Pipes which are worn-up (especially steel ones) are very prone to corrosion and alkaline water. This can decrease the fullness of the pipe.

  1. If you do not regularly maintenance

This is number one reason for flooding of homes. If you ignore the indications of leaking of pipes or if there is clogged toilet can lead to even more problems and repairs.

  1. If there are roots from trees in pipes

Vary rare, but roots can develop if there are trees near the water lines, which can cause burst of the pipes. They can grow I the ground and in direction of the water pipes, causing blockages and serious problems. No matter how the pipes are strong, if the roots grow around and can wrap the pipes until they burst.

When can you tell that pipes have bursted?

If you think that the pipes may have bursted, you must look up for signs of leakage of water and also damage from water. Puddles would be larger and will have bigger area with flooded water, different then a small leak.  You should look under sinks, near fixtures and fittings of the pipes. and near water machines, toilets and dishwashers.

A sign to look after when you search for bursted pipe is lower water pressure than usual, because cracks restrict the water flow. Also an obvious sign is stains on the walls and on the floors which can indicate a pipe that have bursted. If the main cause of the bursting pipe is corrosion, also a red discoloration and metallic odor of the water can be sensed.

But, sometimes, you can also hear signs of the pipes that have bursted in the walls. This includes sound of dripping, which can be an indicator of bursted pipe or pipes. If the water bill is higher than usual, you can also suspects that the pipes have been bursted.

Here are several ways to repair bursted pipes:

Putty for plumbing

For and hole that leaks or is a bit larger, or if the leaking is from a fitting joint, putty for plumbing is the most convenient way to plug. It is available online and on-site of stores and stores for home improvement.

The putty is two components mixture and they make strong seal which is waterproof. When you want to seal the leak you must turn of the water supply. You must dry and clean the part of pipe which is affected by burst. Put the putty on the hole and around this section. Use a putty knife and make smooth coverage. You must leave a certain time to dry the putty. When it is hardened, turn on the water again and check again for leaks. If there is still a leakage, you must repeat the process.

Clamp for pipe repair

The clamp for pipe repair is made of 2 metal plates and patch made of rubber. They are placed on the hole and around the damager pipe. Then they must be locked in place with screws. This way of repairing is quick, simple and good solution. It is suitable for pipes made of copper, steel, cast iron, copper and plastic.

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Spray for repair pipe

The spray for repairing pipes is good for repairing leaks in guttering, drains, pipes, roofs and windows. It seeps in the cracks and holes and seals the burst. It will remain flexible for years and also protects from corrosion the affected surface. When the sprayed place is dry, the place can be painted with any type of colour.

Rubber tape for pipe repair

Rubber tape for pipe repair is temporary fix for pipes that are leaking. You should turn off the water supply and put several wrapping around the pipe and the affected place to make a seal. This is suitable for splicing, jointing and repairing hoses, metallic and plastic tubes and pipes. Ideal inexpensive way to stop the pipe leakage.

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How much it costs to replace a pipe?

The main factors for costing of replacing of pipe are determined by:

  • The length
  • The type
  • The route
  • The location of the object with piping

For making the accurate of the cost for replacing of pipes, it is recommended to call professionals.

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