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Why Is Setting Goals Important? How to Set Goals? How do you begin mapping out and achieving those goals?

If you want to set intentions for the year, Plumbing Tulsa suggests to put them in front of you. Maybe you can use a creative project book, also make a brainstorm of ideas. Those brainstormed ideas are all of your desires and wishes. Bottom line – you can never set rules for this goals. But after this brain storming filtrate the most important and achievable goals.

Goals will set you forward

Take for example a baseball player. The game is a very complex and have statistics, the single player is important on the board and for the whole game. If the player is a top notch player, but his team loses all the time. But even that, he is doing excellent job – putting points for his team. This means that he has put a goal in front of himself – no matter what. That is supposed to happen in your plumbing business too. You must have the determination to follow the goals. If you follow your goals, you will a strength to achieve even more if that is possible in some future point. You can never know what will happen in front of you.

What means to you success?

Plumbing Tulsa add additional means to goal setting is to set what success means to you. In this case additional means must be put on the path of the goals. Must be persistent and moving forward no matter what. In this case, our player is a successful one. You need to see the bigger picture and define what success means to your company. Do you want to grow the plumbing business? Or you want to make bigger portfolio? Go milestone to milestone.

Accountability of the goals

Set a goal for your plumbing company and measure your success in a diary. Put what you did today to go to your goal in front of you. Make yourself small steps towards the bigger goals. Always set smaller goals and follow them. No matter of your progression (how small it is) just keep going. If you want your business to earn 100.000 euros per month, but now it earns only 20.000 euros – set a goal to earn 30.000 euros. Then reward yourself with something it is important to you – like a back massage. Progress and rewards for a milestone goes hand in hand. You will never forget how good you felt when achieving a mile stone and you will move forward. Keep in mind that sometimes you will be slower in the progress but that means that you are only a human.

How to set goals?

The most important thing to set is the following: timing, quantity and what to be achieved.


We said something previously about timing. Time frame will let you know how far you have come and how far you still need to go. Plumbing Tulsa also suggestions to put timing on the milestones and smaller goals that makes the bigger goal. Also, put milestones, because you cannot expect to earn 1 million euros in one month. That is impossible and not real.


How much effort you must put in this goal? How much you must put yourself in pain to gain? Depends. Depends on the goal, how perfect it must be and what kind of goal it is. If you are new in the plumbing business, Plumbing Tulsa suggest to check the competition and their efforts. At first, use their quantity of effort to get where they have got. Of course, choose wisely – choose a medium successful plumbing company. Do not make huge efforts and disappoint of not achieving unrealistic goals.

What kind of goals to be set?

You must set goals that you can really achieve. If you cannot achieve the goal, you will get frustrated on long term. You need not to set that kind of goals, because you sabotage yourself in long term. You will move even backwards and feel doubt in your goals and worth.  Do not do that, ever. As plumbing company, and also as Plumbing Tulsa suggests know your straights and your less developed sides of your business. Also, you can consult to somebody who knows you to filtrate the hard and unachievable goals. Just talk to your spouse or best friend who will give you clear picture of what they think of you on both professional and personal level, but choose someone who is completely opened to you.

Mapping goals for your plumbing company

Take a piece of paper and write down the goals. Write down everything that is important about them. Also put the reason why you want to achieve them. Make notes for your personal goals and your professional goals connected to your plumbing company. Make time for achievement of the both, so balance is the key.

Mapping goals means to set a scheme with milestones, rewards for each one and what you need to do in each part of the path towards goals. Plumbing Tulsa suggestions are to make a time table (something similar to a calendar) and to write down your achievement for each set goal. Then you will be even proud of yourself for the achieved and will gain courage to move even more forward.

Mark all achieved milestones and seek for better ways to get to the next milestone.

Mapping the goals will set you on the right path of success on the both professional and private path. On long term, you will be a whole and full filed person.

Plumbing Tulsa makes some other suggestions. Make an assessment of each part of your company. Firstly, human resources. Ask yourself important questions in this area – are they efficient and enough? For new endeavor of your plumbing company – you may need new personal. Second, your finances. Do you have enough money to grow the business? If not, put some additional ways of earning incentives. When you have enough money – plan additional growing of the business.

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