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Why Does Past Success of a Plumber Matters?

If you get a license for a plumber, starting a company for plumbing is the easy part. But, being successful one is not an easy task. Past success of the plumber matters.

  1. Installation, repair and troubleshooting

Successful plumber will have a proper plumbing training. This kind of training is a necessary as a part of a pre-apprenticeship work. After this training, the candidate works under supervision for approximately 5 years (this depends of the country where the plumber want to become one). During the training, he will learn a variety ways of installation, maintenance and repair. These skills are:

  • Installation and repairing of pipes (type – waste, venting and drainage)
  • Installation and repair of plumbing parts (toilets, sinks, faucets)
  • Fixing of clogged, blocked or leaking lines
  • Connecting apparatus with the water system (dishwasher, other washing machines)
  • Installation of pipes for air, gas, pneumatic system

The good plumber will put all this knowledge in installation and repair in use, and he will have good skills for solving problems. He would be calm and calmly assess each situation, make an evaluation and seek for all options, and choose the solution which is most reliable and cost – effective. This also apply to emergency situations, even when pipes are bursted, the toilet is flooded, and others are panicking.

  1. New technology and new plumbing trends

Plumbers must also be up to date with whole technology in this field, so they will be competitive and successful on the market. If the customer want to get lower bills for plumbing and also lower the impact on the environment. Some customers want contemporary kitchen or bathroom, and contemporary plumber will offer them digital fixtures and apparatus connected to the plumbing.

  1. Hand tools and power tools

Plumbers must know to work with a variety of hand tools and power tools. In hand tools the most common are: augers, plungers, wrenches and snakes. In power tools the most common are cordless drills, circular saws, power threaders, welding torches etc.

They must have good coordination, clear vision and developed fine motor skills to be able to work with all of these tools. They must be trained via plumber training, and then that knowledge will be build up during their experience.

The good plumber will regularly check his tools and repair them or replace them. They must not use faulty or broken tools because, beside the unprofessional look, they are unsafe for them and won’t be effective during the work.

  1. Code for plumbing

One professional plumber must know the Canadian code for plumbing in details. Those are rules that they must follow when they design, install and repair the plumbing system.

This code is regularly inspected by plumbing inspectors. It is used to picture the design, materials, water efficiency of all fixtures, supply fittings etc.

This code is studied even on the training for plumbers, but is changeable and evolving. Every plumber must follow the changes and regulations.

  1. Procedures for safety

They must follow the safety procedures for plumbers, not to be in danger for themselves, and for their clients. Plumbers must be familiarized and follow the directives for: protection of eyes, ears, lungs, skin, how to handle chemicals, prevention of fire and other electrical hazards, how to work in confined places, how to work at certain height, how to prevent falls and trips – when working on wet conditions. The professional plumber must learn all these safety measures, but also be informed about them and any changes during their working period. Also they must follow them every time when they work, so they will have minimal risk and maximum results.

  1. Working in a team

Can they work well with other professionals? Are they reliable and ready to help if some other team member needs help? On some more extensive problems that needs to be fixed and pipes to be replaced, plumbers will need to work with other professionals: electricians, fitters for gas pipes, subcontractors, managers, cleaners etc. They must communicate with professional tone, to collaborate and to share the same place – in order to make the proper mending and replacing. If they can not communicate with others, costumers will not ask for their services again.

  1. Customer phone-service

Good phone – service is the key ingredient for all companies, and especially if they rely on offering services. If the professional company have a good opened phone line to communicate, it is a good thing for their job.

Tidiness is also important. That means – plumber must wear clean uniform. Also they must clearly explain the work they will be doing, they also must answer questions and must clean after themselves. To look professionally they must have eye contact with customers, shake hands and inform the customer if there are going to be some changes to the working plan.

If they want repeat business, they must build up trust with their clients and be totally honest, have quality work and be reliable.

  1. Physical abilities

Plumbers must be able to squeeze in small spaces, to work on heights, and on extreme temperature. They do not need to be an athlete but must have good physical fitness.

The individual must be able to bend, lift, crouch, climbing and balance. They will be on foot most of the time, and they must be as fitter as possible. In this case they will have more job.

Plumbers must also be confidential. Sometimes he would hear some conversations of the home owners and be discrete. Also, they must be available at weekends, holidays, at evenings – because you can never know when the problem must occur. Some problems can wait, but cracked open pipe is an emergency. If the plumber can not come more than once, customers will only search for another plumber or plumbing company.  At the end, we must emphasize that all elements of the training must be learned and the more experience the plumber have – he would do the job with higher professionalism.

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