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Why are Flood Alarms beneficial? Why should commercial businesses (and even homeowners have one)

Some areas are more influenced by flooding. Flooding warning system which is situated by major waterway or near to body of water gives important information which can protect both property and lives. Most efficient flood warning systems are nothing without efficient methods. Those go beyond the installation of the equipment made of gages and telemetry. You must employ staff or at least one responsible to provide warning about the flood – when should be expected, when can occur and the severness of it.

Flood is defined as overflow of water in certain area which is considered relatively dry. The flood can damage the homes and the environment, which includes crops, wildlife, and burden with additional cost. Floods can be provoked by natural causes or if a water pipe breaks. There is a large amount of reported cases for floods caused by water pipe breaks, like in United States – around 800 a year. This cost a lot of money for repairing for the homeowners. Flooding is connected to the development of future mold which will appear after 24 hours.

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Climate Change and Flood Monitoring

Connecting climate change to flooding is challenging as a result of limited data on floods, making it difficult to measure or compare against climate-driven trends today. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has noted that it is increasingly clear that climate change has detectibly influenced several water-related variables that directly contribute to flooding.

What you can do if a pipe in the company cracks

If you walk in the company and find water all over the place from a cracked pipe. Call the professionals and proceed with the following steps to prevent even more damage that the already made.

Shut off the electricity

First you need to shut down the power. If you have electrical devices, wires, strips when the power is off, you will be safe of some kind of injuries. If the flood is too extensive, switch off the power off of the whole building. Always be familiar with which one is that power off button or switch.

Find the main source or cause

In some cases the leaking is obvious and in some is not. Sometimes you can see the spraying of the cracked pipe. Try to find the leak and shut down the valves. After this, lead the professionals to the problem.

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Shutting off the water

In ideal case, shut off the main water or the valves, but do it quickly. If you can not do that, you must call the maintenance of the company or building and ask them to shut down the water as fast as possible.

Clean the remaining water on the floor

Take a bucket to scoop the water. The water can damage the furniture, especially wooden one, so all the chairs, armchairs, desks and other wooden parts can be damaged. While you wait the professional for fixing the damage, you can wipe the residual water and then brush it with dry cloth. If the wood is damaged, you will have to replace it (the furniture that is cheaper), but the sofas and armchairs are not so easy to replace.

Not to get any bad surprises, as described above, you need to use flood monitoring system. Even if your company or even a house is small, a lot can contribute to burst the pipes and make a lot of damage. Also, in the house the flood can affect people too.

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Positive sides of flood monitoring

Due to the negative effects of floods on the people and the environment, systems for flood monitoring are developed to prepare and warn people for the emerging dangers. These systems will prevent huge scale of damage and loss of material goods as a result of heavy floods and save lives. Some of the positive benefits of mounting a flood monitoring system are:

  • High degree of reliability because data is transferred in real – time
  • In time detection of problems and risks of flood
  • Solution which can be integrated with centralized communication at all levels on the buildings and users
Monitoring system of floods which collects data is used also for future studies for the schematic and patterns of weather and changes of climate.

These kind of monitoring systems are completely integrated with the previously made emergency plan. Also it is very convenient because new technology included power saving mode and you can charge them with solar energy. The equipment is very durable and have a long working period, which will further save you money and nerve.

There are a lot of systems for monitoring of floods on the market. They are designed to detect the water leakage anywhere that can occur in the company or the home. The system is device attached to the main water line, and goes under the sinks and all large appliances to detect leaks no matter how large the damage is. The additional sensors are used to notice every possible scenario for leakage. The system often comes with battery unit for backup of the solar energy. So, even if the solar energy is drained, the detection will continue and the pipes will be monitored.

This is especially important if its not used any other kind of electricity (any other source). The system will monitor 24/7 and especially if a case of a frozen pipe occurs, the water will be shut off.

There is a centralized computer that aggregates all the data which occur in the whole place or from every building or department. Then it presents them in dashboard which is easy to use, and have option to shut down the water from the whole system or partially with only one command on the board.  Also, this system can recommend you how to reduce water consumption and helps you to reduce the water bills.

Using this type of system will be additional cost per year. But, can come with insurance coverage, customer support etc.

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