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What common plumbing problems may you face during winter, and why is addressing them immediately essential?

Winters and plumbing fixtures do not make good friends since there are always some problems during winter. While these problems are very common, leaving them untreated is not the solution since you can face bigger consequences if those problems are left untreated. So, whenever you face a problem with the plumbing system, it is essential to know if it needs immediate addressing from you or not.

Top 10 plumbing problems you may face during the winter season

Here is our list of the top 10 plumbing problems commonly found during winter and why you need to fix them immediately. Do you need an immediate water heater repair or a plumbing issue fixed? Contact our team today!

1.      Frozen indoor water pipes

The most common problem is water freezing inside the pipes. These pipes can be outdoor or indoor; water usually freezes when it does not get proper weather insulation. Whenever this problem happens, you will stop getting water from the taps to which that pipe supplies water.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Addressing this problem becomes essential since it will reduce the water supply to one or more parts of your home. Additionally, when the spring season arrives, the ice will start melting, and the drastic melting process can cause pipes to leak, crack, and even burst, which may cause property damage.

2.      Clogged drain due to water freezing

While you can insulate the available pipes from the walls, that cannot be done with the underground pipes. The worst thing is that these pipes are always in contact with the cold ground so their tendency to freeze is even higher.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

A clogged drain due to frozen water cannot be treated by:

  • Drain openers
  • Snake and other tools
  • Boiling water

So, it technically makes it impossible to drain any water down it since that will worsen the problems. So, the key here is to leave the taps dripping all the time so water flow does not stop and it does not stop freezing.

3.      Water heater problems

Water heater problems are also among the most common, and these happen when the heater is out of usage for the whole year and you suddenly start using it with a high load as the winter season arrives. There could be multiple reasons why your water heater stops working or does not perform as required.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Taking baths and doing chores with cold water in winter is neither comfortable nor good for your health. So, if your water heater stops working, you will find it very hard to deal with routine activities. That’s why it must be replaced or repaired immediately.

4.      Damage to outdoor drain

Sometimes the indoor drains work fine, but the outdoor drain head gets clogged or damaged due to extreme weather conditions. It may not seem like a huge problem since who uses outdoor drains during winter? However, that blockage can cause more water to freeze inside your drain, creating a completely clogged main drain line.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Having a clogged main drain line means no water from your home’s waste is going to the main sewage, so it will keep freezing and eventually start backing up. Even worse, the drain line could burst as the ice melts, and the repairing costs will exponentially increase.

5.      External pipes bursting

While the internal plumbing gets insulation and warmth in some homes, external pipes go through extreme weather conditions. So, it does not matter what pipe material is installed at your home since, at one point, it may leak, crack, or burst.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Outdoor plumbing pipes must be addressed immediately since they often work as main water supply lines. So, without them, your home may not have a water supply. Additionally, any leakage in these pipes will damage the property and waste a lot of water.

6.      Frozen septic tank

It is common for septic tanks not to have any insulation, so when extreme cold weather hits, the waste and fluids inside the tank can freeze, reducing the drainage in your home. That may cause the waste to back up, making a filthy situation.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Sewage backups are one issue, and cleaning the mess with a blocked septic tank can be an even bigger problem. On top of that, you cannot live without having your drainage working flawlessly. So, get your septic tank insulated immediately whenever you face the issue.

7.      Dishwasher not working

Dishwashers use hot water to wash your dishes, and if you have a water heater malfunctioning, the dishwasher can also stop working. The worst that can happen to you is that the water in its supply lines freezes, rendering your dishwasher unusable for some time.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Dishwashers make an essential appliance for every home. While you can live without it, doing the dishes during winter is not the most comfortable experience since you may get wet, and it takes hours to dry.

Do you need an immediate water heater repair, or a plumbing issue fixed, or just a good laugh? Contact our team today!

8.      Bathroom and toilet troubles.

During the winter season, you may keep the taps and faucets running to prevent water from freezing inside the pipes. However, toilet tanks, bathtubs, and showers are rarely used. So, you can’t leave them running all day since that will waste a lot of water. The problem caused due to that is water freezing inside the showerhead pipe and the toilet tank.

Why is addressing it immediately essential?

Once water freezes in these things, making it flow again immediately can be problematic. So, if you do not get professional services immediately, the problem will worsen, and you may get a cracked pipe when the temperature rises during spring. So, it may bring property damage and hefty repair costs with a bad experience.


The normal functions in a house cannot continue if you have some plumbing issues at your home. So, any plumbing issue that may affect your routine activities must be addressed immediately. It is not only about the routine activities, but the more critical thing is that leaving those problems to stay can cause further damage to the property in the coming days.

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