Doing the things that matter the most to us is important. One of those things is helping our customers solve difficult problems with Tulsa water heater repair or plumbing problems.

What Does Going the Extra Mile Look Like in Plumbing?

Plumbing Tulsa suggests that customer support will ensure that your customers will buy products or services from you, will be “a walking add” and recommend you to their friends, and constantly give good review on social media. With so huge and bad competition which lower the good name, make sure to be consistent in the quality of your services.

But sometimes the customer is not right. There are different kind of characters of customers, some want services which are not in the scope, some will yell and panic – making the problem bigger than that really is, and some will not even react – just like an audience that sees something online. But, keep in mind that even difficult customers have big impact on the business.

According to Plumbing Tulsa, a single customer, tells around 20 other people for their experience with the plumbing company. The situation online (with social networks) is a bit different. Social networks can give the bad experiences of dissatisfied customers be even more visible.

Unsatisfied customers are a dangerous matter, and your plumbing company must have a customer desk with parole – better prevent than cure after. The public mistrust most of the companies, and if you do not deliver a good quality service, very quickly can terminate your business.

Seek Good Reviews

If online reviews are bed they can give a bad reputation on your plumbing business and you could lose customers, money or even the business.

Mentioned everything above, Plumbing Tulsa suggest you to make sure when the job is finished, the customers are satisfied with the results. In your system of customer support, make a clause for calling the customer as a follow up of their experience with your company. Better to do that, than wait for their complaints.

Here are Plumbing Tulsa several tips of how to avoid having an unhappy client.

Set Good Expectations

Sit down and set your company realistic and doable expectations

Before starting interventive actions to your client, make sure that what you have explained is fully understood (together with all the details and potential issues that can arise afterwards). Compared to a doctor giving diagnosis, you will explain the matter to the client and any issues that might arise from the intervention. With above mentioned, you will give a full picture to the client, what could be expected and if they agree, they consent about all and are willing to be done the intervention.

Say the things as they are – stay honest

People can easily see if you want to lie to them. Be honest with every client and you will gain respect and will make them regular clients. Also, will be a good advertisement for other future clients.

Set aside everything else and protect your company

Some clients are always unsatisfied no matter what you provide, so protect your company with good measures and prevent if anything bad happens.

Before you make any agreed task, tell your clients the correct quote which states what you will do and the cost of it. Plumbing Tulsa suggest to make a document for terms and conditions, which should be signed by the client and make sure it is made by a professional (like Plumbing Tulsa or other professional plumbing company).

Be in close relation to the client

Make a formal handover with the client, in person or via the phone if they are not available for physical handing over when the job is done. Include written document with description of the tasks carried whilst working on the site. Also, write down all the materials used and particular parts used. With this act, you will prevent arising any other problems not connected with the materials and actions regarding the job.

Answer promptly

If there is an issue arised by the client, resolve it. Plumbing Tulsa suggest not to wait to resolve a small issue, it might turn to a bigger problem.

Customer satisfaction is a good manner to carry out a successful tasks and reduce the impact of an unhappy client on your business. The clients must be heard. Write down all feedback by the clients, and also make sure that the problems arrive to the ears of the complaints team of your company.

Plumbing Tulsa suggest to collect feedback with putting on cards on the jobs or make sure that clients will do online surveys.

In this way, at a very cheap cost, you will leave good impact at every client interaction. If you think about it, some extra effort can do a lot on long way.

Provide some free consulting with your clients and rise the customer satisfaction, and allow to stand out of the other plumbing companies. In free addition you can offer: contact via telephone, online or via social media, contact via mail or fax. Plumbing Tulsa suggests to make sure that these ways of communications are free and always available.

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