The Value of Encouragement – Why Everyone Needs a Word of Encouragement & How Does it Truly Impact Their life – (what does negative words do to people)

Every human have a desire for affirmation. People tend to feel that we belong somewhere, that we are appreciated and we can contribute in other peoples’ life We want to give, but also receive encouragement and this is a powerful force which further bond people – friendship, marriage, family, friendship with co-workers etc.

Plumbing Tulsa suggests that this is also the case in the business, than means your plumbing business in also the case.

We must encourage and appreciate others, something that come from our sense of gratitude. If we nurture our own sense of gratitude, we can then produce encouragement comments for others.

In plumbing business is also necessary to give words of encouragement, because when there is a plumbing problem in their home, they are often panicking.

Plumbing Tulsa also suggests to be the calm side of the problem, and to make sure that the problems are treated as they should.

If in some cases you can not fix the problem by yourself, note that to the client and find a way to encourage them that the problem will be solved. Plumbing Tulsa also suggest to have some contacts from the local community as a helping hand: fire stations, some communal organizations that take care of housing building etc.

Plumbing Tulsa suggests that no matter what, even if you are to the edge of panicking yourself, do not show in front of the clients. Always call first to the fire station if there is a big problem to see if you have the right equipment to solve the problem. If not, ask them to help. Plumbing Tulsa suggest not to react if the problem is beyond your capabilities or if you do not have the necessary tools, do not try to solve the problem. If you fail – you will gain bad reputation. No words of encouragement will calm the client if the problem got worse.

If you want encouragement to have impact in your life, must give it frequently and become a permanent part of your manner of engaging with others. If you develop permanent praising towards clients, you can enjoy all the blessing on their and on your way, you act in a more gracious, generous and patient way towards others. As a result to positive behavior, clients will develop a positive attitude towards your business. That will make them a classical add to others, and you will gain even more clients.

On the other side:

Negative words toward a client will make problems to the panicked client and you could not see the actual problem. If the pipes are more damaged than they appear, you could make the situation even worse. Plumbing Tulsa state that negative words will lead to bigger problem, if you can not solve the problem bad reputation. That is the bad circle of negative words toward your business.

These trigger negative words include

  • This thing will not happen (this will be said because you are also worried about the problem, do not transferee your negative thoughts on the client)
  • You dropped the game (this is the worst case phrase, never use this or similar phrases. They are no use and make the panicking even worse)
  • Leave me alone (you are not even listening to him, even if you are making phone call always make some note that you will come to him again. Do not ignore clients need to elaborate some problem or additional note)
  • This is not good, oh my God! (thoughts like this must never be loudly said. Take the equipment, smile to encourage the client and say that the problem might be a little tricky to solve. Words like tricky, slightly problematic and similar are best to be used if the problem is bigger than expected)
  • Pipes are entirely clogged. This is bad. (Call the fire station and ask for help. In this case, do not say anything before the firemen come. They will explain the situation and will make sure that the client is not panicked. Let them put their expertize to solve the bigger problem)

No matter if these or other words are said towards the client, ask yourself if saying any reckless words can make damage to your reputation. Make sure that you will also make some preparation for stressful situation. Plumbing Tulsa suggests to have time to relax, go to yoga or jog. Try to solve the stress that builds in you on daily bases. Try to relax the mind and body every day after all the situations, yelling clients, pressure not to make a mistake.


People need affirmation, no matter if it is business or personal ones. Positive words are curtail and always a good idea for growing the relationship towards the clients. Encouragement words will make them regular clients and will draw to you even more work and clients. The business will grow on long shot and you and your employees will be happy to work. That will increase employee retention on longer shot.

Negative words will make you look like not able to solve the problem, will make your company loose clients and maybe you will have lower clientele. Choose wisely, be calmer. Plumbing Tulsa also suggests to be calm, and to engage in some technique that brings calmness in your life. Silent your mind, open it and make it function even better. Yoga is not something that will cost you a lot, but can make difference. Go to a local yoga club and make a packet classes for all your employee. It will not cost a lot, but it will be great thing to make them calm and able to solve even difficult situations and clients.

Happy client – good business. If the client is always happy, your business will flourish and your plumbing company will have better reputation.

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