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Common Dishwasher inspections to do for your home to ensure there are no damaged hoses, leaks, and other problems

It is necessary to check the dishwasher occasionally to ensure no damaged hoses, leaks, or any other problems that will rise soon. Doubtlessly dishwasher makes your life easier, but it also comes with some maintenance duties. If you don’t inspect on time, then there will be consequences.

Common dishwasher inspections to do for your home to look for any problems

Here are a few very common dishwasher inspections that you need to do for your home if you don’t want to face any hoses, leaks, or other problems related to your dishwasher:

·         Water leakage

There might be a water leakage, but you haven’t noticed it yet because it wasn’t noticeable. It would be best to check the dishwasher thoroughly. If you have been noticing water, even a few drops, around the dishwasher, there might be some problem with the hose. There is also a great possibility that the dishwasher has not been installed correctly. If the dishwasher isn’t installed properly, water leakage is a common outcome of this error.

·         Wear and tear

You must be a little wise and gentle while placing plates and dishes inside the dishwasher and taking them out. There is a possibility that while you are doing the job, you might cause some damage to the dishwasher when you don’t pay much attention. So, once in a while, it would be best that you check for wear and tear and fix it right away. If you keep using the dishwasher the way it is, you might have to replace it soon.

·         Low-quality detergents and excess quantity

Using low-quality detergent in large quantities will surely affect the dishwasher’s working. If the detergent quality is low and you have been stuffing your dishwasher with it, it will cause leaks. Plus, when you use too much detergent, the dishwasher will have to rinse the plate too many times, and the rinsing process might also cause leakage problems.

·         Improper or clogged drainage system

If the drainage system is not great, then you will face clogging problems because the clogged drain won’t allow the dirty water to get drained away. If the water doesn’t drain properly, your plates won’t get washed, and the situation will get quite filthy for you to deal with. It will lead to water pooling in the dishwasher, and eventually, it will start coming out. Therefore, you must check the drainage system after a week to check whether the drainage pipes are clogged.

·         Loose connections

If you have been facing leakage problems, there might be a loose connection you didn’t tighten while installing the dishwasher. Even if you are not facing any leakage situation, it would be best to check the connections occasionally to ensure that they are perfectly tightened. Otherwise, your dishwasher might start leaking one day because of the loose hoses.

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·         Water inlet problems

The water inlet source is the last thing you need to check in your dishwasher. Check the water pressure while it is entering the dishwasher. It is necessary to check because a defect in the water inlet valve will further lead to leakage problems. You won’t be able to regulate the water flow, and then you can imagine the consequences.

Therefore, you must check the water valve and pressure while it enters the dishwasher.

How to fix some very common dishwasher problems?

We have discussed the common inspections you need to do for the dishwasher at your home if you want it to work properly. Here are the solutions that will help you to fix the problems that we have discussed above:

·         Proper installation

The most common problem in a dishwasher is water leakage, which can be multiple reasons. One of the reasons can be poor installation, and if you think you won’t be able to do it on your own, call a professional. You must install the dishwasher correctly; otherwise, you will keep facing water leakage problems, and your plates and dishes won’t get cleaned properly.

·         Use quality detergent and the accurate quantity

You must use quality detergent; other than quality, you must use the right quantity. If you add too much detergent, then it will lead to a water leakage problem. The dishwasher will have to keep rinsing the plates again and again. So you can imagine how much water it will use to clean your plates, and then you will have to face a water leakage situation too.

·         Tighten connections

As mentioned above, the loose connections that would be the hoses are a major cause of water leakage. So, you must tighten the hoses occasionally but don’t try to tighten them too much. Ensure that they are closed completely. So, water leakage doesn’t occur whenever you put dirty plates and dishes inside the dishwasher.

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·         Fix water valve

If there is a fault in the water valve, you won’t be able to handle the water pressure. Eventually, it will lead to a water leakage problem. Therefore, fixing the water valve problem is necessary if you don’t want a water pool inside and outside your dishwasher.

·         Clean drainage pipes

Drainage pipes get clogged, and it is quite a common problem. The greasy and oily content of the plates will cause clogging problems. You must keep the drainage pipes clean. Otherwise, the dirty water from the dishwasher won’t be able to drain completely, and you will get it coming back into the dishwasher. Fix the drainage pipes once in a while. You can pour hot boiling water through the drains so they don’t get clogged with greasy and oily content.

Final Remarks

You know the problems you need to look for while inspecting the dishwasher for your home, and we have already discussed the solutions. So, before you turn on the dishwasher next time, it would be best to check it thoroughly and then turn the switch on. Otherwise, if you don’t check your home’s dishwasher, you must face water leakage problems soon.

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