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Choosing the Right Water Tank for Your Home: Factors to Consider Before Installation

Water tanks come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and selecting the right one for your home is important. It is because all varying specifications in the water tanks serve some purpose. Since everyone has different needs, choosing the right water tank can also be different for users.

So, here we will explain all the factors you must consider before choosing and installing your water tank.

Top 10 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Water Tank at Your Home.

Here are the top 10 factors everyone must consider before installing a water tank at their home.

1.      What storage capacity does this tank offer, depending on your usage

Storage capacity remains the prime concern when selecting a water tank. It depends on your usage, and many users check the capacity requirements depending on the number of people in their homes. On average, one person uses around 135 liters of water daily, so if you choose a water tank that lasts one whole day, select one that provides enough capacity.

However, not everyone is looking for a water tank that lasts for one day since there are bigger tanks that work as a backup supply of water for homes. So, the capacity you select depends on your usage.

2.      The tank must comply with the local rules and regulations

Different localities have different rules. Following those rules is essential to stay safe from any legal charges against yourself. The rules may focus on the material, size, and other specifications of your water tank, and you must select one that meets all your requirements and those regulations.

A water tank that does not comply with the rules may cause several problems; ultimately, you may need to remove/replace it.

3.      Does the material meet your durability requirements?

Water tanks are expected to be durable, and choosing the right material is key from the durability perspective. The most common material for water tanks is fiberglass and plastic. These are easier to install at any height since they are lightweight. Maintenance and cleaning are easier. These come in a huge variety, and with the right plumbing fixtures, they don’t leak. Hence, all your durability requirements are met.

Cement and stainless-steel tanks are also a choice. While they are durable, the other aspects of these tanks are not that good.

4.      Focus on the color of the tank to prevent algae formation

The color of water tanks is not only about their aesthetics. Instead, it plays an important role in keeping the tank clean. The tanks placed on rooftops get a lot of exposure to the sun, and light passing through can cause algae growth that may contaminate water and make the tank dirty internally.

So, always focus on darker colors since they do not allow most sunlight to pass through. Hence they prevent the growth of algae in the water.

5.      Is the tank right for your installation requirements?

Water tank installation requirements vary from daily water needs to emergency water backup. Some water tanks are made to be installed as overhead water tanks and installed on roofs. These water tanks usually serve for daily water requirements. Similarly, some water tanks are installed underground and serve as long-term emergency water backup.

When choosing a water tank, you cannot use them interchangeably and expect the best experience.

6.      Your local water quality and how does your water tank assist you in this matter

Some locations have water supply departments supplying drinking water through taps, while others need reverse-osmoses purifiers. Depending on this factor, you must decide on the water tank material. Some materials are non-toxic, and you can drink water right out of them. These are great places where you get drinking water from taps.

In other locations, you need to purify water before drinking it, and the tank being non-toxic or not does not help a lot here.

7.      The shape and area your tank covers

It is not a major concern unless you don’t have a lot of space to place your water tank when installing it. There are different shapes of water tanks, and each shape defines the amount of water stored along with the space required by the tank. To make the best use of tighter space, you can select the following:

  • Rectangular tanks for corners
  • Cylindrical and spherical tanks for open areas

Again, if you do not have extremely tight space, then it won’t be a huge issue which shapes you choose.

8.      What ease of maintenance are you getting from the tank?

The maintenance requirements from a tank and the ease of maintenance also matter. Getting water tanks with the least maintenance requirements yet are easier to maintain and clean is ideal. Such tanks ensure that your water stays hygienic and clean since there will be no contaminants.

9.      What about the supply of water in your area?

Select the type of tank to install at your place, depending on the water supply. Some places have a daily or continuous supply of water at their places. In these places, only a small tank to meet your daily requirements will be enough.

However, if you only get water at specific times and there are chances of your area not getting water for a few days, then going for bigger underground tanks will be preferable. The supply of water defines how much water you need to store.

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10.  Pricing of the tank

Several users set specific budgets for buying a water tank. Although the prices vary depending on various factors, when you set a specific budget, options will narrow down for you, which makes selection easier. That way, you will buy a water tank that is perfect for all your use cases and does not break the bank.

Final Remarks

Water is essential for most of our daily tasks, but we do not always have clean water. That’s why installing a water tank can be crucial for every household. The difficult part here is selecting the right water tank since many variations are available. Just like everyone else, you may have different requirements from the tank. So, when choosing yours, check the factors mentioned above, and you will get the best one to meet all your requirements.

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