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What to do with a Busted Pipe – Tips to How You Can Repair it on Your Own

In winter, pipes bust most of the time because of freezing temperatures. If there had been a leak in the pipe and you didn’t pay attention to it, it would eventually bust. There are different reasons for pipes busting. A busted pipe can be a real problem; if it happens to you, you can repair it on your own.

Tips to repair a busted pipe on your own

Here are a few tips that will help you repair a busted pipe on your own:

Turn off the main water supply

If you have been noticing water leakage in any area of your place, that means there is a busted pipe that you need to repair. First of all, turn off the main supply so you fix it.

Find the bust pipe location

After turning off the water supply, you must find the burst location now. If you have noticed the watermarks on the walls, you might have to make a hole to look for the problem. So the next step would be finding the busted pipe location. The leakage can be anywhere, so be very careful with this step.

Drain the remaining water

Once you find the busted pipe location, it is time to drain the remaining water from the pipe. Otherwise, when you try to repair the pipe, the remaining water will bust out, and you won’t be able to repair it. It will get all messy and wet, so drain the remaining water.

You can turn on the faucet and ensure no water is left in the pipe. If you miss this step, you must dry out the area and the pipe because you can not repair a wet busted pipe. The pipe must be dry so you can fix it properly.

Get rid of moisture with heating

As we have mentioned above, while you are fixing the busted pipe, it must be fully dry. After draining the remaining water from the pipe, dry it fully if you find water on the floor. If the pipe is wet, you use some heating aid to dry it off completely.

If the busted pipe location is your basement, open all the windows and let the air come in. With the ventilation, the floor will dry, and the pipes will also work. Never try to repair a wet busted pipe or if the area is moist. You might not be able to fix the fault fully; sooner or later, the pipe will bust again. Use a vacuum for the floor to dry off the moisture and a hair dryer to dry the pipes.

Cut out the damaged part

You have drained the pipe and dried it completely. Now it is time to cut out the damaged part. Using different tools depends upon the damage and the diameter of the pipe. You can cut the damaged section with an ordinary pipe cutter if there is a soft pipe like PVC, ABS, copper, and PEX.

On the other hand, if the pipe we are talking about is cast iron, it will require some hard work and effort. You might need a snap cutter or a power tool like a reciprocating saw or an angle grinder. If you use such sharp tools, you must ensure your safety first.

You must wear proper protective gear like gloves, ear protection, and glasses to protect your eyes. Without this personal protective equipment, you shouldn’t try to cut a cast iron pipe with power tools. There is a possibility you might end up hurting yourself.

Measure and cut a replacement pipe.

Once you cut the faulty busted pipe section, measure the area you need to repair while installing a new piece of pipe there. Now use the same tools to cut a replacement pipe, and again, be very careful with the cutting part and, most importantly, the measuring part. The replacement pipe size has to be accurate so it will fit perfectly.

Ensure the ends are clean and smooth.

Before you install the replacement pipe, check it in detail. If the ends of the pipe are not clean, you deburr it. You can make the ends clearer and more clean using sandpaper or the deburring tool. Again it depends on the type of pipe you are installing.

If you are using sandpaper, sand away both sides of the pipe and ensure they are smooth and clean. To ensure the soldering is solid, apply flux on both sides of the replacement pipe.

If you are using a fitting to install the replacement pipe, then to make the connection stronger, you can apply flux on the internal ends of the fitting.

Install the replacement through soldering.

After you ensure the replacement pipe is fully prepared to get installed, it is time to do some soldering. You will install the new pipe with soldering, and for that, you will require a pipe-joint compound, soldering torch, and lead-free solder.

Now start heating the joint but be very careful. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself in the process. Keep heating the joint until it is hot enough that you can apply the solder to it. The solder will flow easily inside the joint if it is hot enough. Don’t try to use force to connect the solder with the joint. Again, heat the joint and try again.

Once you make the connection, now wait and let the connection settle for a while. It would be good not to turn on the water supply immediately.

After a while, you can turn on the water supply and the faucet. Now check whether the repair has been done perfectly fine or not.

Final Remarks

You can also call a professional whenever you face any inconvenient situation when it comes to the pipes of your place.  Our plumbers can help you in this situation also. We have discussed the tips above that will help you repair a busted pipe on your own without any other help. You must wear necessary equipment before you repair the busted pipe.

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