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Does Your Home Smell Like Rotten Eggs? Here Are Several Reasons Why.

Your home is your most comfortable place, but the smell of rotten eggs can easily ruin it. Everyone wants to make their homes smell pleasant. It is truer because of multiple reasons. For instance, you spend most time of your time at home.

There are no detectors that can indicate the root cause of bad odor in your house. You must find the cause and fix the problem of making your home smell like rotten eggs.

Common reasons why your home smells like rotten eggs

The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur isn’t a good sign. You may have some old eggs sitting somewhere in your house, or it is because of gas leakage, drain problems, or something else. In actuality, various things can make your house smell like rotten eggs.

Do you want to know some common reasons behind the rotten eggs smell in your home? Look at the details below to understand things better in this regard.

So, here we go:

1.      Check for gas leakage

Gas leakage is the most common yet dangerous cause of rotten egg smells in your home. Natural gases are commonly odorless, which leads to extreme danger in case of a leakage. Gas companies have begun adding chemicals to overcome this problem. The chemical provides a distinct sulfuric odor to your gas supply. Otherwise, there was no way to identify if someone was experiencing a fatal gas leakage in their house.

However, if you feel rotten eggs smell in your house, instantly check your house for any gas leakage. If there is a gas leak in the house, immediately leave and call a gas leak repair specialist or authorities for this problem. Repairing a gas leak doesn’t cost you a fortune. So, it is always better to get professional help to ensure the safety of your family.

2.      Checkout your drain pipes

Another possible reason for rotten egg smells in your house can be dried-out drains. More often, drain pipes in the guest bathrooms dried out because these usually remain unused for a long. The u-shaped pipe in drainage prevents sewer gas from entering your house with a water layer on the curve’s bottom. If the water layer evaporates from here, sewerage gas will enter your house easily and create a sulfur odor.

The fix to this problem is pretty simple:

  • Run water in any tubs or sinks of impacted bathrooms.
  • Let the water keep running for about 10 minutes.
  • It will let p-trap create an essential water amount to block sewage gas from entering your home and causing smells.

3.      Literal rotten eggs

One of the more obvious reasons to cause a rotten smell in your home can be actual rotten eggs. Rotten eggs or any other spoiled food in your fridge can also cause this odor in your home. Fortunately, you can throw spoiled food or rotten eggs out of the house to fix this problem.

Don’t forget to treat the affected area in the fridge to remove the rotten eggs smell completely. It would be better to use a multi-purpose surface cleaner to wipe away the mess easily and kill germs from the affected area.

*Important Information*

Treating the area with white vinegar and baking soda can also help you clean the surface and effectively remove the odor from your kitchen.

4.      Inspect gassy drywall

People usually assume that their drywall is solid and contains 0 risks of causing any odor. Unluckily, this fact isn’t truer in actuality. It is because China-imported drywall especially includes a lot of sulfur in it. Due to this, your drywall may begin off-gassing sulfur odor throughout your home.

If this is the problem behind the rotten eggs smell in your home, then you must consider replacing your drywall to fix the problem. Even though this is a bit costly problem to fix, treating the root cause will help you keep your home healthier and pleasantly smelling for longer.

5.      The well-water issues can also cause rotten eggs like the smell.

Millions of people worldwide use well water from their local municipal agency instead of treated water. Similar to your sewage pipes, wells are also vulnerable to developing a sulfur smell. If that’s the case, water in your house will make the rotten eggs smell. It usually happens due to the hydrogen sulfide buildup that decaying vegetation causes in the ground.

Even though the occurrence isn’t dangerous, it won’t create drinking water.

  • You can diagnose this problem by sniffing the water coming into your home.
  • Fill the sink with water and take a strong whiff. If you feel rotten eggs smell on your face, well water is the main culprit here.
  • You can also send your water to the local extension office for testing.

Installation of a carbon filter on the drinking faucets can fix this problem. You can also consider placing a reverse osmosis unit underneath your water tank to fix the problem.

6.      A clogged sewer line can also cause this smell.

A clogged sewer drain can also be a culprit here. Clogged drains can cause different types of odors and rotten eggs’ smell is one of them. If any of your drains run slowly, it indicates a clog somewhere in the drainage system. Ensure to unclog your drain as quickly as possible to eliminate these rotten eggs’ odor.

7.      Sewer gas leaks

Sewer gas leaks are also one of the common reasons behind the rotten egg smells in your house. This problem typically doesn’t require any emergency services or evacuation. However, inhaling it over a longer period can be harmful.

Therefore, it is always better to call a professional plumber if you experience this problem in your house. Professionals usually know the tricks to fix the problem and protect you from further issues.

Final Thoughts

The rotten eggs smell in your house indicates something wrong in the home. You must call a professional if you can’t locate the cause of making your home smell like rotten eggs. They usually have the experience and skills to determine what makes your home smell like rotten eggs. After that, the professionals will fix the problem to give you a pleasant-smelling home again.

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We believe in taking care of all our customers. If you are seeking a water heater repair near me team or a company that believes in doing their very best, call us today.