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Leaking Washing Machine Hoses: Common Causes and How to Avoid Them

A washing machine is an essential appliance that you cannot live without. Otherwise, how will you be washing your clothes? A washing machine consists of hoses through which you can fill the washing machine with hot water. Are you noticing that water starts leaking from the hoses when you turn on the water supply? Well, it is quite a common situation that everyone faces once in a while.

Common causes of washing machine hoses leakage

Washing machine hose leakage is a common problem, and it can be frustrating sometimes because you don’t get enough water supply. Following are a few very common causes of leakage washing machine hoses:

·         They don’t last forever

Washing machines don’t last forever, so you must know that the hoses might start leaking after a few years. So, the number one and the most common cause is that the washing machine hoses have started leaking because of excessive wear and tear. If you don’t use any appliance carefully, there will be consequences. There is a major reason that the hoses start to leak even in a small period because of not using them the right way.

If you are using the same washing machine daily, then it is certain that the hoses will start leaking at a point.

·         The connection has some faults

A loose connection is another reason that the water leaks from the hoses. Whenever you attach the hose to the water supply, sometimes you think you have tightened the connection, but there might be a space left from where the water leaks.

·         Hoses are either damaged or old

The hoses will not last forever, and if you use your washing machine excessively, then with excessive use comes different consequences. So, either the hoses are damaged or old, so you notice water leakage.

·         Moisture and minerals are the enemies.

If the water you are using for washing clothes is hard, then it can cause damage to the hoses. The minerals in the hard water will settle on the hoses, and you will start noticing white spots on them. Sooner or later, the hoses will start leaking. The type of water you are getting and using to wash your clothes will greatly impact the hoses.

How to avoid washing machine hose leakage problems?

No one can use a washing machine with a hose leakage. Here are a few things that will help you to avoid this problem:

Use a rubber seal

If the hoses are old and it is the reason that they are leaking, then you need to cover them up from where they leak. You can get a rubber seal that you can use to cover the hose. Through the rubber seal, the water won’t leak from it. It is the only way to keep using the old hose if you don’t want to replace it immediately.

The hose doesn’t need to be old; that’s why it is leaking; sometimes, you might not find the problem but still notice water dripping from the hose. There might be a difference in the hose and the connection size. So, you can ensure no water drop leaks by covering the hose with a rubber seal.

Avoid excessive wear and tear

As mentioned above, the hoses might leak with excessive wear and tear if you use your washing machine excessively. If you drag the washing machine a lot so you can wash clothes at your comfort, then with dragging, there is a great possibility the hoses get loosened up, and they simply start leaking.

Therefore, even if you use your washing machine excessively, you must avoid excessive wear and tear. Don’t try to drag the washing machine from its maximum limit. If you avoid this thing, there is a high chance that you won’t have to face the water leakage problem from the hoses.

Replace them after 3-5 years

Even if you use your washing machine with care and take care of the maintenance as well, you will have to replace the hose after 3-5 years. It is the lifespan of the hoses, and after that, they will start leaking. So, if you don’t want to face the leakage problem, it would be wise to replace the hose after 3-5 years, use it carefully, and avoid wear and tear.

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Ensure that the connection is not faulty.

If the hose is not old and you haven’t found any other problem, it is still leaking, which means there is some problem with the connection. Sometimes a faulty connection can be the reason that your washing machine hoses leaks. You must check the connection whether the hoses are the size of the connection or not.

If there is some problem with the size of the hose, then water leakage is a common outcome. Before you get a new hose to replace the old one, ensure there is no problem with the connection. You might have to tighten the connection a little to eliminate this problem.

Clean the hoses and dry them

After washing your clothes, it would be best to clean the hoses and dry them with a towel or any other dry cloth. The reason for drying is that the water won’t be able to cause any damage to the exterior of the hoses. Water can cause rusty damage to the hoses, so they start leaking.

It will only increase their life span if you dry them out and never leave them wet after washing clothes.

Final Remarks:

We have talked about the common causes that can cause leakage in washing machine hoses, and we have also mentioned a few tips to help avoid this problem. The hoses get a little loose, there is a problem with the connection, or maybe they have aged. It is important to take preventive measures when facing problems when washing clothes.

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