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How to save money on your water bill when summer arrives?

Your summer water bill is arguably one of the most important bills to deal with. We use water for multiple purposes, including hygiene, cleaning, drinking, etc., so it would be the first thing to sort out when preparing for summer.

It is always better to reduce your water usage naturally to reduce the summer water bills. However, we have come up with a quick guide to ensure you can save more on your summer water bills this year.

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Tips to save more on the water bill in Summer

Do you want to learn effective ways to save more on your water bill this summer? Here are the best ways you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

1.      Get your drips fixed

Water dripping may not seem problematic to many households, but remember that one or two water drops can quickly add up. You can measure your wasted water due to dripping or leaks to see how much it costs you in a month.

Turn all your faucets off properly to avoid this water wastage and keep your summer water bills lower. If any faucets drip consistently, call a plumber to fix them quickly.

2.      Take short showers

Showering accounts for about 12% of household water use. Everyone loves taking longer showers during summer to cool off. However, if you want to save on your water bills, reducing your shower time to 5 minutes is necessary. It will have a greater impact on reducing your water bills this summer.

3.      Put drinking water in your fridge.

We all love drinking a chilled water glass during summer, especially when returning home from the hot outdoors. If you wait for your tap to provide cool water every time you pour a glass, you are wasting water. To avoid this, filling up a pitcher or bottle and putting it in the fridge is always better. This practice will let you have instant access to cold water to drink. Ultimately, you can keep yourself from wasting water every time you need cold drinking water.

4.      Manage your sprinkler rightly.

The most amount of water is used in sprinklers during summer. So, you must manage your sprinkler rightly to save more on your water bills. Here are a few tips that you can consider to make wise use of sprinklers this summer:

  • Take your sprinkler off of its automatic settings. Instead, use it only when you need it.
  • When you are watering your lawn, think of where you are putting your sprinkler and when to run that.
  • Place the sprinkler to water your lawn only, not your house, street, or sidewalks.
  • In addition, you should also time the water appropriately to avoid wasting your water. Use a sprinkler to water your lawn in the early morning or evening. During these times, temperatures are cooler, and you can minimize water wastage through evaporation.
  • If your water runs off the lawn easily, you must split your sprinkler running time into short periods to avoid it.
  • If your sprinkler takes longer to water your lawn or can’t reach far areas, it is time to invest in a bigger water sprinkler to avoid the hassle.

*Additional Tip*

If your kids want to play in the water, set a sprinkler in the area where your lawn needs more water. You can also encourage your kids to play in the water when you are already using sprinklers to water your lawn. This practice will help you keep from running your sprinkler multiple times daily.

5.      Boil water as per your needs only.

A good old brew can solve virtually everything; overfilling your kettle every time you need hot water can cause serious water wastage. So, you should always fill the kettle to the level you need. This practice will not only help you save on your water bills but your electricity bills too.

6.      Place aerators in your sink faucets

If you can’t skimp the handwashing, don’t worry. You can still save your water easily. You can easily reduce the amount of water from your sink faucets by placing aerators inside them. Installing aerators can narrow the opening of your faucet. It will also insert air bubbles into the water stream to provide a steady supply. In reality, it can help you save lots of water throughout the day.

7.      Use dishwasher than hand washing.

It’s time to rejoice for lazy people!

Energy-efficient dishwashers utilize less amount of water than what it takes to hand wash your utensils. However, to save more on dishwashing, it is always better to run your dishwasher when it’s full only. Otherwise, you will utilize more water in the dishwasher than otherwise.

*Important Information*

We understand that not every household contains a dishwasher, so don’t worry. Use a washing-up bowl if you also don’t have a dishwasher in your home. It will also help you use less water than washing your dishes straight in the basin.

8.      Run the washing machine only when it’s full.

Increasing the wash load can also reduce your water usage during summer. Wait for your dirty clothes to grow before running the washing machine. If your machine has a half-load button, you can also take benefit of that. It will use half the water amount used in the full load.

9.      Save water during gardening.

Here are some effective gardening tips to consider for summers to save more on water bills:

  • Spread an organic mulch layer to keep your flowerbeds covered about 3 inches. It will retain the plants to retain moisture.
  • Choose ground covers and shrubs for hard-to-water areas
  • Adjust the lawn mower to a higher setting
  • Water your plants and trees early in the morning or evening.
  • Avoid using spray or hose water on driveways or sidewalks
  • Don’t scalp your grass in the summer to let it retain moisture for longer.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save water, even during summer. From using sprinklers wisely to installing aerators in your sinks, you can use all the effective ways mentioned above to save more on your water bills.

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