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How to prevent frozen pipes in your home or business?

It is necessary to prepare your pipes before the winter season approaches because the chilly weather can do a lot of damage to your pipes. The pipes will freeze and might burst eventually. Therefore, before the temperature gets below minus degree centigrade, it would be wise to use preventive measures as they will help you keep using your faucets without facing any frozen pipes situation.

Tips to prevent frozen pipes in your home or business

You might be wondering how to prevent pipes from freezing in winter. Following are a few tips that will help you to prevent frozen pipes in your home or business:

·         Keep the cold water dripping through the faucet

If the temperature in winter gets extra chilly and is below zero degrees centigrade, the water in the pipes will start freezing. Until you do something about it, the water will keep running through the pipes. You can keep the faucets dripping cold water so the pipes won’t freeze. Cold water will keep running through the pipes and keep them in their working state.

You can turn on the faucet, where the water will only trickle a little from the tap. You don’t have to let the water waste at a speed where only a drop or two of water will drop.

·         Turn up your place heat

You will certainly have a heating system inside your home or building; during winter, you can turn up the heat a little. Open the cabinets if you want to keep the pipes from freezing. The heating system will certainly keep the pipes warm, and they will not freeze during winter.

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·         Cover the pipes with heating tape

You might have heard that insulation helps warm the pipes during winter. It would be best to cover the pipes with insulation tape before the winter season starts. If your pipes are not strong enough to handle the chilly temperature because It’s been years since you have not done the maintenance work, then only insulation tapes can make them work properly this time.

It will keep the pipes warm and don’t crack or burst if the temperature gets below zero degrees centigrade. You can find a variety of such tapes and materials that you can wrap around the pipes before the winter season starts.

·         Replace broken pipes before the season

If there is any break in your house or business place, replacing the pipe before the winter season starts would be best. You must do the maintenance work because otherwise, the consequences will be dire. If there is any crack in the pipe already and it has been tripping lately, that means maybe the insulation tape won’t even work.

Therefore, the only option left would be replacing the pipe because otherwise, you might have to face other draining and plumbing problems in the winter seasons. Preparing is better so you don’t face any problems once the temperature is chilly.

·         Keep the garage/loft door closed

If there is any garage door or a loft where you don’t have a central heating system, or even if you have the system, still the temperature is too chilly to handle, keep the doors shut. Keeping the garage and loft door closed will certainly keep the insides of your place warmer, and your pipes won’t freeze during the winter season.

·         Seal crawl places

Are there any crawl places in your place from which chilly winter winds can enter inside and affect your pipes? Even if you have an amazing heating system, if there are crawl places in your space, you need to seal them. Winter winds will certainly enter your space, and they affect your pipes, and they might freeze.

You can use cardboard to seal crawl places like a loft or inside the basement where the heating might not work or reach properly. During the winter season, you can avoid going into the basement if not necessary and keep it closed. The pipes inside the basement need to stay warm, so closing the door all the time will do the job most of the time.

·         Portable heater for spaces like loft and garage

As mentioned above, the pipes in your basement need to stay warm, and if the heating system is not working there, you need to do something else. For your garage if you don’t have any source of heating there, then you must think of a way to keep the pipes warm in your garage and basement.

The only considerable solution is to use the portable heater and heat the required places in your space where you need to keep a moderate temperature for the pipes. There are a variety of heaters available for garage usage and a basement designed especially for this purpose.

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·         Fill the cracks in the walls

The cracks inside the walls will let the winter winds enter your place, and it will cause the pipes to freeze. Even if you keep the heating on or use portable heaters, no other option will work if there are cracks in the walls. You must fill the cracks in the walls. First, you need to find out why cracks appear in the walls. Maybe any pipe is already broken.

Find the problem and work on the solution, but it must be done before winter. Otherwise, the situation will only worsen during winter, and the damage will spread. If the pipes freeze, they might burst and end up causing more damage to the internal as well as the external structure of your place.

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Final Words:

You know the tips; it would be best that you apply them so you don’t have to face any frozen pipe problems in winter. Once any of the pipes freeze, it gets really difficult to unfreeze them. Sometimes the pipes get so hard because of the freezing temperature that they get cracked and eventually burst. The only thing that you can do is prepare your pipes, whether at home or business, for the winter season.

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