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(Five Ways) Being Lazy or Putting Things Off destroys your dreams or keeps you from reaching your goals.

As humans, we find several internal and external factors that keep us from reaching our goals. The biggest internal factor we may face at any moment is laziness. It is a common practice for many people to put important things off for something that is not important at all, also known as procrastination. Did you know how hurtful it can be in the way of achieving your goals?

Here we will discuss how being lazy can keep you from reaching your goals in any aspect of your life and how you can find the right solution for the problem.

Being Lazy or Putting Things Off destroys your dreams or keeps you from reaching your goals.

Here are the top 5 ways laziness can destroy your dreams and keep you from reaching your ultimate goals.

1.      Life gives you many opportunities, but you blow them away.

If you are lazy, one of the worst things you will do is blow away the opportunities that life gives you. Most career-changing opportunities are time limited. For example, if you have to apply for a position within a specific time that you are a competitive applicant for and do not apply at the right time, chances are that someone else will take that position away from you.

Most of these opportunities are life-changing, and the only thing keeping you from cashing that opportunity is procrastination.

Make priorities about what you will do and when

You need to set priorities for everything in life. To achieve your goals working in the right direction is the most important. So, know the most important ones (life-changing opportunities) and work on them immediately as you see them. Prioritizing things in life will change how you perform.

2.      You start limiting your belief in yourself and your capabilities.

Believing in yourself is one of the biggest positives about yourself. However, when you become lazy and do not prioritize the important things in life, you start limiting your belief in yourself. Self believes there is your identity for several life phases, and it gives you the confidence to achieve. However, losing faith in yourself does no good for you, and instead, you start going in a downward spiral.

Remember to believe in yourself and praise yourself for all your achievements, believe in yourself, and never doubt anything you can do.

Never lose self-belief, the most important element of achieving your goals.

Managing emotions helps manage your procrastination. When you manage both, you start believing in yourself, which is the key to achieving your goals. So, stop wasting time and start working on things that matter without procrastination since success demands determination.

3.      Your decision-making keeps getting poorer as time passes

When you have to make a critical decision, you cannot just make any random guesses. Sadly, that’s what you do when you are a lazy person. It is because for taking any critical decision, you have to consider multiple factors, and wasting time on the decision leaves you with no time to consider all the factors.

Some signs that you are poor at making decisions are:

  • You feel extremely pressurized about the decision
  • There is extreme pressure of time running out
  • You cannot decide whether to work for the problem or your reasons.
  • You start making binary decisions.

Being lazy, it becomes difficult to control your emotions from affecting your decisions, and that’s why you often make decisions that are not good for the long term.

Give yourself time to consider all aspects when making a decision

You need to know which decisions are important and how much time each one needs from you. For the important ones, you must start working immediately. That’s the only way you can consider all the factors important for that decision, and that’s how your decision-making will improve.

4.      As a professional, you keep damaging your reputation

Consistency is the only thing essential for building and maintaining your reputation. When you don’t be consistent and lazy, you start gradually damaging your reputation at work. It starts with losing self-confidence, and others also lose confidence in you. Some common sign you may face is people not depending on you as they did before.

This situation will seem easier at first, but once critical damage has been done to your reputation, things like staying at the company can become very hard.

Maintain your self-esteem and keep up the reputation at the workspace

No matter how bad your reputation has gone, there will always be an opportunity to improve. Although getting your previous standards back will take some time, it is not impossible.

5.      You lose your time, physical health, and mental health.

The effects of being lazy are not limited to your professional life only. Instead, you start losing time, physical and mental health due to all other negative effects. Being lazy makes you lose track of the time you are wasting and the time you have left to achieve your goal. It is something where there is no going back.

Not achieving your goals puts your mental health at risk, and not stopping procrastination keeps this cycle going. Lastly, you often find yourself working in a situation where nobody else is working, and it is due to you being lazy at first. Doing it on an extreme level will make you suffer the most regarding your physical well-being.

Setting boundaries is key.

You need to set boundaries in every aspect of life. Give yourself time to relax but return to work when it is over. Also, don’t allow yourself to work in extreme conditions. That won’t be needed if you finish work on time.


Many people don’t even realize that it is them being lazy that is causing all the issues in their performance. It damages their productivity on so many levels and messes up their health. However, if they find out about the problem of procrastination and start working on it, achieving their goals will not be hard. Success in any phase of life demands hard work, which is impossible if you continue to be lazy.

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