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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Professional Plumber

People often think that plumbers only work when they are at your site. However, a lot is going on back at the company that you don’t even know. Being a professional plumber takes a lot, and most of the time, the work a plumber does in front of you is just a part of their daily routine. So, here we will cover behind the scenes of being a professional plumber with day-to-day activities.

A Day in the Life of a Professional Plumber

The work on a plumber’s day starts as soon as they get up and ends when their duty is over. There is a lot that a professional plumber does throughout the day, and below are all the details you need to know.

1.      The day begins with waking up early and having a healthy breakfast

As a plumber, your day often starts early, especially when you already have some tasks scheduled. So, you need to wake up early and have a healthy breakfast. Apart from the scheduled tasks, a professional plumber may need to take emergency calls, so he must be flexible with his work time.

So, if you become a professional plumber, you will often find yourself going to work even before a normal workday starts. A day as a plumber will require a lot of hectic work, ensuring that your breakfast is nutritious enough.

2.      Getting ready for work and ensuring everything is set

As you prepare for work, you must ensure every tool is in its place and working as it should. Nobody wants to face a bottleneck situation while working due to some unavailable tool. So, checking all the manual and automatic tools before starting the day is essential.

3.      Reaching the company and starting with the previous continued job or taking calls for new jobs

After reaching the company, a plumber checks where he left off previously. For example, sometimes a plumbing job is big and goes on for days. So, if a plumber was working on such a job, his priority for the day was to manage the schedule for that job. Otherwise, he makes himself available for any new jobs, including routine ones and emergency jobs.

4.      Getting their team and reaching the plumbing site in time

Whenever a plumbing company gets a customer, they determine the workforce required for the job. For example, some jobs require one professional plumber only, while others require many. So, it is a common practice in the life of a professional plumber to pick his team and reach the plumbing site within the timeframe.

5.      Fixing the client’s issue can be the installation of maintenance

It is the only part that most people know about. As the plumbers reach your site, they may work on the following:

  • Installing new fixture
  • Inspecting plumbing body
  • Working on gas lines
  • Repairing your water heater
  • Cleaning and opening drains

A professional plumber may do these and many other activities for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is a common practice for plumbers to deal with multiple such jobs throughout the day, depending on their efficiency with the job.

6.      Lunch breaks

An interesting part about being a plumber is that you get dedicated lunch breaks. Plumbing is one of the most physically demanding jobs, so maintaining good health is essential. A plumber can meet his body’s nutritional requirements with lunch breaks, keeping him good for the rest of the day. Most plumbers take their lunch break when they return from the worksite to their company.

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7.      Meeting the plumbing inspector

For new homes meeting local laws and regulations is essential for plumbing bodies. So, plumbers often need to meet the plumbing inspector when working at a site during the day. It is essential since the inspector will approve their work or give them new suggestions. Either way, meeting the inspector is essential for professional plumbers, especially when leading a team.

8.      Checking the paperwork and working accordingly.

An important part of being a plumber is staying updated with the legalities of the locality where you provide your service. Every place may have different laws and regulations that plumbers need to follow. Moreover, these change often, so plumbers must comply with the latest rules.

So, as a plumber, you may spend some time during the day reading the updated rules to ensure everything you do is according to the rules.

9.      Getting training at the company or training younger plumbers

Professional plumbers not only work at the sites throughout the day, but some part of their job is about spreading knowledge. It can be technical knowledge about the job or practical knowledge, including tips and tricks. Professionals either teach the young ones while working on a specific job or generally teach them when the team is available at the company location.

10.  Trying and testing any new products and tools

Professional plumbers at any company must know all the old-school tricks. More importantly, they must be comfortable working with the technological innovations happening in the plumbing industry. Every other day a new product or tool is coming out for plumbers.

So, they are often assigned to test and try any new tools and products available. Afterward, they teach the young plumbers about using those tools.

11.  Getting back home and doing the chores

Your day as a plumber does not end when you leave the company for home. Instead, most professionals have some chores waiting for them at home. Some plumbers also take emergency calls or provide customer service during that time. It is how the day in the life of a plumber goes by, where they do a small part of the work in front of their clients and a lot of work behind the scenes.


A major misconception about being a plumber is that it does not take any knowledge of where in reality, qualifications are required depending on the job’s complexity. Similarly, people think that plumbers spend most of their time freely without tasks and get paid for the hour, which isn’t true either. Being a plumber means that you will be jumping from one task to another throughout the day.

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