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6 Ways to Help an Upset Customer

No matter what field of business you work in, you always try to give your best when serving a customer. While you achieve the desired results in most cases, there are some cases where the results don’t turn out as they should, or at least they are not desirable for the customers. This rare situation can be unpleasant after completing a job since you have an upset customer.

However, there is a tactical way to make that customer by doing what’s right for both parties. Here you will learn the right way to deal with an upset customer.

Top 6 Ways to Deal with a Difficult, Upset Customer

If you ever face a difficult or upset customer, you can always handle the situation in the following ways:

1.      Offer to fix the issue that they are upset about

The first thing that you can offer them is to fix the issue. In most cases, a small portion of the job will upset them, and fixing that will be neither expensive nor time-consuming for you. More importantly, fixing it for them will improve your brand’s image. Most importantly, you can consider what caused the issue in the first place and then charge them after communicating that it was due to miscommunication.

2.      Offer a refund

Let’s say that the customer is unhappy about the job. They are not accepting the hours of hard work that you just put in, and they are also blaming you for the whole mess (according to them). Such situations are rare and hard to deal with since they can harm your brand image.

The solution to such situations is to offer them a refund where they can keep what you did for them, or you can take away the parts/services that your business provided. If you were on the right legally and they still made you do the refund, then you can consult with your lawyer to get it back if it is worth it.

3.      Reschedule the job for another date, time, and technician at their convenience

In the human psyche, we first hate something, but if we must take some time, we start understanding it, and eventually, that problem disappears. The same can be the case with your services. So, the best solution is to make them wait a bit, but you have to do that tactically.

For instance, if they did not like something you did, offer them that another person from your company will come and look at it. Add more value by choosing the date and time, and they will be happy with that. When the other technician visits and explains the whole thing, they will happily accept it.

4.      Listen to their concerns and stay calm.

When building a brand image for your business in the market, you must stay calm even when you know you are not being treated right. It will allow you to stick to logic and facts and explain your argument politely. However, for that to happen, you must listen to their concerns first. While they are speaking, you need to understand what’s causing the problem.

Once they explain calmly, state the facts and offer your solution. If they try to understand even the smallest bit, it will help both parties.

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5.      Explore different solutions to the problem.

Say that you listened to them explain their concerns, and they want to do everything right before you leave. What do you need to do next? The best practice is discussing all your ideas with the customer and asking them which one they like the most since you will be applying for that one.

Since they want the change and now you are working on the solution of their choice, most of the issues might have gone away already.

6.      Discuss the whole future process with them.

Before you start, you must discuss the whole procedure with them. It helps prevent that upset customer from starting the same issue again for whatever reason. When you discuss all the technicalities with them, and they understand, they will either stick to the previous work that you just did or opt for the best solution possible.

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Tips you can follow if you have an upset customer.

No matter which of the solutions works out for you, it will be of huge benefit and relief for you and your business. However, with a few tips, you can be more efficient in dealing with such customers. Below are our top 3 tips to follow when dealing with upset customers.

·         Find out what is making them upset about your work

No matter how many solutions you propose, if you do not solve the root of the problem, all of them will be in vain. So, you need to focus on finding the root of this problem, which is possible with communication.

·         Resolve the misconnection issue by physical documentation first.

When you work with customers, make them read and sign physical documentation first. That documentation must include the process and steps you may take and the backup services you offer if they are unsatisfied with the results. Doing so will significantly decrease their chances of being upset with your work.

·         Always leave with positive remarks from the customer

The last tip here is that you must leave every customer happy with your work, no matter how small or big your business is. That’s how you will get the most passive marketing benefits. However, be careful that the customers do not start taking unfair advantage of that positive feedback.


When you are working hard for a goal, most of the time, verbal appreciation is the biggest reward for your efforts. However, if there is an upset customer, they not only avoid that, but they also put your earnings and brand image at risk. So, knowing how to deal with such customers is essential since you cannot manage people ripping your business off just by saying that they are upset with how you worked.

That’s why we discussed the 3 ways to deal with such customers and some additional tips for better efficiency when dealing with them.

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