5 Reasons Why a Warranty on Parts Benefits the Customers & Should Be Offered

The goal behind offering a warranty for any product is to offer that additional peace of mind that the product is reliable in terms of quality. In technical terms, a warranty refers to a repair or replacement service if the product goes bad within a specific time under fair usage conditions.

However, today there are several terms in that market regarding product warranties, and most of them are marketing gimmicks. A rather common term these days is “warranty on Parts,” Here we will discuss what benefits it brings to the customers.

What is a Warranty on Parts?

When we talk about generic warranties, they cover the whole product and if it goes bad within the given circumstances. The whole product is repaired or replaced according to the policy. However, the warranty on parts is something different. It means that the manufacturer and seller only provide repair or replacement services for specific parts of your product.

For example, if you get a water heater for your home and it comes with a Warranty on Parts for its element, it will be repaired or replaced if the element goes bad within the given conditions. Otherwise, if any other part not covered under warranty goes bad, the customer must pay for repairing or replacing it.

5 Reasons Why a Warranty on Parts Benefits the Customers & Should Be Offered

Even though a warranty on parts seems a bit unfair for the customers, technically, it is more beneficial than other warranty types. Here are the top 5 reasons it benefits the customers and must be offered.

1.      Customers get parts of their device covered with original parts in this warranty.

The first benefit of getting this warranty over not getting any warranty is that you will replace the parts of your device with the original parts. If you do not get any warranty and must repair that part locally, the technician may use some substandard quality parts that could ruin your whole product.

Hence, a warranty on parts over a generic warranty or no warranty is always to the customer’s benefit.

2.      The repair cost for the customer is minimal.

The issue with repairing complex products is that the repair and labor costs are too much. Even if you replace it with a new one for reliability, your labor cost will be too much. The benefit of getting a warranty here is that the cost is minimal.

Whether you repair or replace that part, the manufacturer or seller will bear the whole cost, making it much more easily manageable at your end.

3.      The brand must handle everything technical about the repair.

Whenever a product or its part goes bad, you need to disassemble the whole product and take out the bad part for repairing/replacing purposes. This process is the most delicate part since you can unknowingly damage the product.

On the bright side, when we have a warranty on parts, it becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to handle the technician. If their technician does anything wrong, it will be their responsibility to resolve that, not yours.

4.      These warranties promote working on the damaged part only.

Getting a warranty on parts for a product means that only that part specifically will be covered under the warranty claim. So, they will only replace that part when something is damaged, and it comes under a replacement warranty. It means that if other parts of your item are working perfectly, they won’t be worked on so that they keep working like before

5.      The whole process is quicker than other warranty claim process

One of the best reasons a warranty on parts is good for customers is that it saves them time. Usually, when a product is sent for a warranty claim, it goes through a whole testing process, wasting the customers a lot of time. In this type of warranty, only the specific part is worked on, which makes the repair job much quicker.

What do you need to get these services?

When buying something, you may see both options with a warranty on parts and without any warranty. While many things are the same, claiming your warranty might have a few differences. Here is a list and details of everything that you need to get your thing working again:

·         The part accepted under a warranty claim

Let’s take the example of a smartphone. It has many parts. The screen is usually never covered under any warranty. Some other parts do come under warranty. So, for a warranty on parts to work, it is essential to have the damaged product accepted under warranty policies.

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·         The product’s condition meets the warranty claim conditions

Next, you need to meet the warranty claim conditions. These conditions vary from product to product, but the main goal is to facilitate legitimate customers and prevent the unfair ones from getting these free services. So, to avail yourself of a warranty on parts for your product, you must have it meet the warranty claiming conditions.

It is important as. Otherwise, the manufacturer or seller may not facilitate you with the claim.

·         You are meeting all the legal requirements to get warranty benefits.

Lastly, you need to meet the legal requirements for claiming a warranty. The warranty document shows everything you need including:

  • Warranty document
  • Purchase receipt
  • Packaging in some cases, etc.

Whatever this document states, you need that for the warranty to work.


Businesses never want to go to a loss but still offer warranties to ensure a customer gets a reliable buying experience.

So, whenever you buy something that says warranty on parts, you can be sure that there are no risks to the quality of that item.

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