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How to determine the age of the plumbing pipes in your home? What are the signs of bad pipes and when to replace them?

As much as old buildings are beautiful, they have a burden with infrastructure problems, including aged and worn up pipe system. If you are careful and check regularly for any signs of plumbing problems, you would be able to fix any kind of issue before it lead to a costly damage. There are a huge lengths inside the walls, ceiling and floor and they supply us with clean water and take away waste water. The pipe system works 24/7, even when you are sleeping.

We are not addressing enough attention to these pipes inside the walls and underneath the floors. But, if we do not do that on regularly bases, problems may occur and we will surely notice them. We could notice mold, wet spots, lower water pressure and finally busted or cracked pipes.

That is why it is a good idea to call plumbing specialist or a plumbing company to access the plumbing system. Any kind of sings for premature wearing out of any of the plumbing parts can be noticed. There are also some signs for determination of age of the plumbing system by yourself. Even one failure (a pipe leak) can damage the basis or original structure of a very valuable furniture or a piece of art or musical instrument.

There are several signs of an aging plumbing system you can notice and they will need to repair or replace. Some of them are:

  1. Type and age of the pipes

The lifespan of the pipes are determined by the pipe material. For example, PVC and brass pipe last 40 – 70 years. If the pipes are made of copper, their lifespan is 50 years. Galvanized steel pipes have lifespan for 20 – 50 years. These are estimations, and the lifespan of the pipes are largely depended on certain factors, including the hardness of the water.
2. Water with different colour

The water from the pipes should be clear. If there are any discoloration on the water (yellow, brown, green) can come from the pipes of the city or the home pipes. We should call to professionals if there is any discoloration of the water.

When the pipes are aged, no matter of the pipes of the city or of the owner of the home, pipes can build up sediment, rust and minerals. If the water is cloudy it can be because of excess air. In addition, if the yellow and brown is sign of rust, green indicates corrosion in pipes made of copper. If the green colour is noticed in the water, a person should call professional plumber immediately because the pipes are in high degree of degradation.

When the scaling and stains of mineral occur on plumbing fixtures, the house has hard water, and this can be prevented with using a water softener. If the discoloration is central (problem of the city or the area) professionals suggest to install a system for filtration of the water in the home, so it could be possible to remove rust and sediment out of the pipes.

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3.Yard with green patches

The best sign for leaks is if in the yard there is a patch that is greener than the other parts of the yard. If there are lines made by leaking sewer, soggy spots can be visible as well. They can be caused by tree roots, but also can be result of corrosion and degraded materials. If the problem is a leakage from the sewer, the owner should call a professional to prevent any other damage.

  1. If the water bills are rising – but the owner do not spend more water

The home owner realizes that the bill is rising without any obvious reason, he could suspect of a plumbing leak. We all know that this can make a huge damage. If this is the case, the home owner should call immediately to a professional to find and fix the problem.

When plumbing systems are aging, they should be replaced before any problem develops. If there are any problems, home owners should call the professionals or professional company for repairs, inspection or replacement. They use contemporary and non – invasive tools and technology, like epoxy coating to replace the pipes without distortion of the home.

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When to replace the plumbing system of the home

The home need to be in good shape and performance. This includes the plumbing system as well. The home owner must always check the system and know from which material is made. Also, regular visits from professional plumber or a plumbing company must be made at least once on every six months, especially after winter. This season is when most of the pipe problems may occur. The freezing of pipes is one of the most frequent problems of the pipes.

Also, when replacing the pipes, must be aware to replace them with better type of pipes. With the wide range of materials, home owners must consider the best one and also the one which can be easily maintain.

All the causes for cracking and damages of the pipes can be avoided if the home owner check the plumbing system and drains and other openings of the system. They do not need to waste a lot of their time, except to be attentive and see the leakage as soon as it happens.

When buying a new or old home, the owners must be aware of the state of the plumbing system. This can add up on the price of the home, because if the pipe system is old, then it must be replaced on the whole home. This can be costly. If the home is new, even if it is more costly – the new plumbing system is better to have.

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