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How Important Is Friendliness in Customer Service? Do Customers Like this & why?

Friendliness in customer service, as noted by Plumbing Tulsa, is always a good idea. Be polite and with calm voice can calm even the most nervous clients. After calming them, try to figure out what is exactly what the problem is. As a customer service agent, you must write down what is the problem: all the points and all the smaller faults. This wouldn’t be possible if the other side is still nervous.

Politeness is always the key in Customer Service in a plumbing company. Also having a pleasant voice is a big plus which is a lot praised in this area of business. So, even if you do not have a pleasant voice always lower it and speak slowly and politely.

If you are keen to understand what the issue is, you will have bigger chances to solve the problem. Then you will go ahead and try to ask them something about their desires connected to that product. In that manner, you can also get info and plan what kind of next product the client will need. After the solving the issue, you can call the client and offer them some new products or services. So politeness directly will pay off and on long term will make a regular client of that problem.

Here are 6 important attitudes of Customer Service for your plumbing service
  • Always be timely and responsive: being timely and responsive to inquire is a must- be for the success of any business. Clients must be important and you should address their concerns, and then get back to the clients with a follow – up in a timely manner. The client must feel that his issues are valued and not abandoned. Making follow-up via telephone, emails etc. are good methods to see if there are some problems that need to be resolved. Those following-up is important to see if there is a chance to make another add to the client and make them regular one. Never miss a chance to make a contact and offer a product or service of your company.
  • Be kind: a kind professional and understanding one is comforting side when the client is experiencing problems and are worried about a product or a service. Sooth the problem and try to see the point of view and issues, and make efforts to fix the problem. Do not transfer to other departments if you can solve it.
  • Be active in finding a solution

Put the clients in the loop with current special products, promotions and new products. Sometimes it pays of and can be beneficial for the company. Do not dictate a long sales pitch for products which are not likely for the current client. If the client is complaining about a certain problem, reassure them that you will try to solve the problem and give them an exceptional customer support. Also, give the client an information on how should they proceed in the future with this kind of problems.

– Be a customer support specialist which is opened for feedback and suggestions

If there is a feedback for your customer support skills, do not take this personally or against your plumbing company. There is a place for improvement, so talk even to other customer supports specialist and share the feedback. That is a way to improvement the client experience. Feedback is always a path to improvement of the whole company, not only your department. You are only the key point for that info.

– As a customer support specialist be transparent

Tell the client also similar stories about yourself, so they can feel you as another human being which has issues and problems. Then they will feel more connected to you in a different level. If they feel you as another side that can easily have problems, your company will gain positive experience and loyal client. Also, you will get a call about not only the problem, but also some other products and services and make other buying of products or services.

– As a customer support specialist, Plumbing Tulsa suggests to ask the right questions

Asking the right questions will give the client the picture that you are candid and interested to their problems. Being this, the troubleshoot phase will be used correctly and prevent on-going calling and repeatedly insuring that the problem is now processed to the correct department. Ensure the client that you do understand and you will resolve the issue.

  • Know about the services or products

Always try to learn about the new products, so you will know what are you facing with and to which department should this complain go to. Never lose track about the new services or product. Also familiarize yourself with the warranties, extended warranties etc. Be knowledgeable and know the business of the company you are working in.

Taking all this in consideration, Plumbing Tulsa suggestion is to be polite to the clients and that it always pays off. Never mind their momental feelings, if they scream on the phone, their state is pretty nervous. So, take them slowly into first of all calming them and then figuring out what is the problem.

Clear problem described on a piece of paper can be then solved by maybe several departments: technical one, warranty one and product one. With the results of all these departments, you will call back to the client and tell them the solution.

Politeness will always make you a way to the customer support department. And if you are pretty good at your work, there will be bonuses or even promotions.

So, on long term, you will see only benefit from your politeness. If you can show the human nature, that you are not just a voice via the phone, the client will be on your level and figuring out the problem, not just screaming and cancel the line.

Every termination of the line because you could not cope with the difficult client will make room for your termination of the working contract with your plumbing company.

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