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How Does an Electric Water Pump Work

A pump is a gear that can transfer fluid (gas or liquid) via the mechanical action by transforming electrical power in hydraulic power. These pumps are very efficient and widely used in any engine and in the industry. There are several types of electrical water pumps, and they vary by size, efficacy and usage.

Larger sites, at commercial buildings have several sets of these kind of pumps. They serve for several systems for the building. They are used for cooling and heating, or in systems where the water need to be pushed.

How is made electrical pump

An electrical motor can work a constant speed, the pump can rotate through shaft connected to the guard. The source of power is through cables, which are attached to the pipeline, liquid can enter in the pump during working.

The liquid is generated when the pump is very efficient, and a huge amount of gas makes ineffective. This pump can only tolerate 10 – 20 % gas or more, and the result is poor performance.


  • The pump produces wells with high temperature, gasses and viscosity oils
  • The motor and the pump are pressed on the tube on a certain depth
  • This kind of pump is very effective in lifting huge volumes liquid and very economical
  • The cost is higher in comparison to other methods
  • Its functioning (if the conditions are well) is several years.

Major parts of the electrical pump is:

  • Motor

The electrical pump have a 2-pole 3-phase cage induction motor. The electrical water pump operates at 60 Hz and a speed of around 3000 rpm. The fill up is a high insulation mineral oil. This will ensure dielectric strength. In addition, it will gi= great lubricity and conductivity of temperature.

  • Electrical Pump

Electric pump is pump with multitude of stages and is centrifugal, that means that the water circulates inside. If it is designated well the pump works in the optimal rate range of flow. The capacity of reservoir adjusts flow rates of electrical pump.

Used stage types decides the volume of the fraction of the fluid. The number of construction heads and motor power are determined by number of stages.

The protector has various functions. There is thrust bearing. It connects pump and the motor with link the casing to the drive shaft. It is used for isolation of the motor oil from the fluid down.

  • Power Cables

A special submersible cable uses to power the down hole motor. These power cables have two types: round cables and flat cables. An electric cable is one of the three conductors that act as a conductor to serve electricity from the switchboard to the motor.

  • Inlet

There are 2 types of inlets: standard inlet and gas inlet. They permit liquid to enter the pump. The putting of oil reduces the volume of gas in the gas pump separator.

  • Transformer

The electric pump has 3 transformer parts: one 3-phased auto one, one standard with 3 phases and 3 single phased.  The transformer is used to transform the energy from the water.

The pump pushes the cooling fluid in the engine and absorbs the heat. The heated coolant goes to the radiator where cools off and goes back in engine.

The electric pump has a motor which send coolant from the system for cooling to the internal part of the engine.The ECU inlet initiates the water pump. If the engine works harder, the coolant is pumped faster.


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