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Common Clogged Drainage & In-Home Solutions, or Easy Hardware or Supplies to Use to safety unclog the drains

Here are some of the solutions for unclogging the pipes and the other parts of the piping system. One must be careful when he uses them. Seeking an exceptional water heater repair or plumbing team? Call our staff today!

Vinegar and baking soda

These products are very common in every household, and one must have them stacked somewhere in the kitchen. Make mixture of one third cup of baking soda and same amount vinegar, and this can be poured in the clogged pipe. Then that should be wait for an hour and flushed away. The reaction of these chemicals are fizzing and this can remove the blockage and grime.

Using a plunger

This plunger is made to remove clogs in toilets. It can also be used for removing food from the drain. The best of them are plungers made as cup. This tool is inexpensive and can be bought from the local utility store. When unclogging, put the tool in the overflow opened place of the sink. Additionally, one must close the second drain which is near the clogged pipe. One must cover the drain opening with the plunger. Then must be filled the sink with water which will cover the plunger. One must use quick moves up and down, and plung the sink, with the cup sealed in drain. One must check if the sink is unclogged on every 6 moves, and continue if the pipe is still clogged.

How to use snake to plumbing

This kind of tool is valuable one for unclogging. The price can be variable, depending of the snake type. If one want to work with it, must be put down in the pipe and in the drain. Put the snake in the drain several centimeters and then crank the handle and move downwards in the pipe until one can feel blockage. To fix the blocked pipe, one must put downwards the snake until blockage and slowly pull the tool outside the drain.

Cleaning the trap of the drain

If the pipes are still clogged even one have used the usual methods, one must remove and clean the trap of the drain. This is called U-pipe. This pipe is easily clogged, and cleaning every now and then can help in avoiding the problem. To clean the trap of the drain, one must follow some simple steps:

  1. Put a bucket under the drain trap to collect any dirt or water that can fall out.
  2. One must use the wrench, loose and remove the nuts on every end.
  3. Take off the pipe with flipping over and unclog the pipe with putting the content in the bucket. One can use wire brush, a simple toothbrush or any other similar tool to clean the clogg in the drain trap. One must use rubber gloves for protection of the hands.
  4. One must clean the connection parts and must flush with hot water through drain trap to make one sure that is clean
  5. Assemble all parts on the place with screwing the nuts back on.
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Using salt and baking soda

This is a process very similar to vinegar and baking soda version, but is more effective. One must mix half of cup of each components together and put it in the drain. One must wait 15 minutes, and put boiling water in the drain. These 3 steps will unclog the blockage.

Using dry and wet vacuum

Using of dry and wet vacuum is great when considering the stubborn blockages. Make ones’ vacuum to the liquid settings (with the highest performance) and the vacuum will do all the work. The vacuum suction process will unclog the drain.

Using hydro – jetting equipment

When one is using plumber hydro jet in the drain, one is eliminating the clogging from the drain with high water pressure. The pipe of this equipment will blast water with pressure 1500 PSI to destroy the object in the pipe. This pressure will not only move the clog, it will clean the pipe.

Using of hair snake

Hair is common problem that causes the clogs in the drain. One person loses around 70 hairs every day. Most of the shedding of the hair is in the shower. So, this hair ends up in the shower pipes. One hair won’t do any harm. But when more hair clog together can make a problem. If in the home live more persons and pets, this can be a problem. The pipes in these types of homes have bigger risk of frequent clogs of the drain. There is also a specialized plumber tool for hair removal. This tools are made of plastic and have variety of sizes.

Cleaning with cable

This can be used for smaller and larger jobs. These tools use spinning blades which are at the end of each cable. These blades are used to cut through clogs. The blades will also scrape the build – ups on pipes.

There are many models of this type of tool: sectional, continuous, drum and other types.

Sectional cable cleaner use many cables. This tool is often used because it is safer for usage. It uses shorter cables and they are easier to replace, because of frequent breaks. Sectional cables work on a faster speed and are lighter than continuous one.

Continuous machines use one cable, with much longer design. The whole cable is put in the machine and it is more difficult to transport the whole machine. The most important con is that it makes less mess that the previously mentioned one.
Inspection camera

Many things can be the cause for the clog in a pipe, like hair, cotton, oil, eggshells and other objects. The plumber must see what caused the clogging to use the correct tool.

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