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Five Signs of a Good Team Leader and Three Signs of a Bad Team Leader?

While working in your workplace, you will have either a good team lead or a bad team leader. Each of them has signs that define their personality and will tell whether they are a good team leader or a bad one.

Five Signs of a good team leader you need to know about

Following are the five signs of a good team leader:

1.      It is not about them all the time

A good team leader doesn’t talk about themselves all the team. If the team achieves a goal, then a good team leader will talk about all of you and how the whole team worked hard enough to achieve that specific goal. So, the number one quality or a good sign of a good team leader is that they don’t make everything about themselves.

As a team, you can achieve everything and all the goals you have set so far, but it is important to remember the team when you achieve those goals to work better for the future. A good team leader knows this and always acknowledges everyone’s hard work.

2.      Speaks positively and listens better

If any team member has something to say to the leader, they would certainly listen to the team’s problems or anything anyone has to discuss. A good team leader will always pay attention to whatever the team members discuss. They will always bring the best out of their team and talk about positive things even if the working environment or the current situation is not going according to your plans.

Speaking positively and listening to the team member will help keep every team member’s moral high.

3.      Helps in achieving goals

A team leader will always work equally with the team members, not only assign tasks to everyone and the rest. The sign of a good team leader is that they help in achieving goals, and if something goes south, the team leader will take responsibility and keep the working environment positive for everyone.

Promoting your team members and making them work hard by saying positive things to them is necessary. Otherwise, no one can work passionately if the team leader doesn’t talk about what their team members want to hear; that will keep their morale high. A good team leader will always keep everyone on account, whether everyone works perfectly fine or needs counseling.

4.      Promote teamwork

As team leaders, it is their responsibility to promote teamwork because if people are divided within a team, they won’t be able to achieve anything. No task will be completed on time; therefore, everyone must work as a team. A true team leader will always try to keep everyone together while working on the difference within the team and always promote positive teamwork goals.

5.      Never take their team members for-granted

Everyone on the team gets equal attention. No one gets ignored by a good team leader because no team can succeed when this happens. A good team leader will never differentiate between their team members and respects everyone’s point of view equally.

Team members enjoy working under a team leader with a positive attitude and behavior toward them. Only such teams get to succeed in the future because team leaders pay attention to them.

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Three signs of a bad team leader

Following are the three signs of a bad team leader:

They think about themselves only

Bad team leaders will make everything about themselves and never talk about their members. The very first sign of a bad team leader is that they don’t consider their team members better than them, and they don’t consider them of their standard. If the team gets successful in achieving any goal, then the team leader will make everything about themselves and how they worked hard to lead the team.

A bad team leader keeps all the appreciation to themselves and never talks about the teamwork in front of their higher authorities. It is a toxic sign that a team leader and their teams can never succeed because no one considers such people to be their team leaders.

Never promote positivity

A bad team leader will never promote positivity in their working environment. All they talk about is how the team is not succeeding or not working properly even if all the team members are giving their best. The bad team leader will never talk about the positive things in front of their team members but always keep their morals down, so they try to work better.

Sometimes the team leader would think that if they keep nagging and talking about the negative things happening in the team, the team members will try to work harder. This point of view is entirely wrong, and a team leader with such a chain of thoughts is considered a bad team leader.

Doesn’t pay attention to their team members and their problems

The last bad sign of a bad team leader in the list is that they never pay attention to whatever their team members are trying to tell them. As we have mentioned before that everything will become about themselves. If any team member has something to say or any idea to share, the team leader will not listen.

Some team leaders think they are superior and don’t have to consider anyone working under them to be good enough. It is a bad sign because everyone works hard and deserves respect and attention from the team leader. This won’t be the case if you work under a team leader who doesn’t pay attention to their team members.

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Final Words

Now you know the Good and bad signs of a team leader, which type of team leader are you? Maintaining a healthy work environment is necessary if you want your team to succeed and your business to bloom. Otherwise, if you work like a bad team leader, then it would be difficult to get what you were expecting from your team. It is all about teamwork; someone with good signs must lead the team.

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