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Five Reasons why is micromanagement a negative in the workplace?

In plumbing micromanagement is very bad for the business. Micromanagement is closely monitors subordinates in every details. And also they add they input and constantly change the final result.

That is impossible and very distorting in the job of one plumber. Beside this fact, many managers still do this and many organizational managers often let it go and do not correct it.

Why micromanagement is negative and pulls the business down instead to lift it up?

As Roosevelt words are – The best manager is one who have the power to pick good team who can do the jobs, he is also wise enough to keep himself out of meddling with them when they work. This is a correct description of what means micromanagement and how negatively can impact to the company.

There are several studies which show that micromanagement have bad influence on the employees – especially in plumbing and similar sector. If the workers feel that are micromanaged, they can perform much worse. Other studies, especially ones made on data from companies with multiple groups, also state that the biggest problem to the success of the company is the micromanagement. Micromanagement is bad for the execution of the works that in fact one of the most prominent professor of the Harvard School for Business says that lowest creativity and finding better ways to cope with the problem on field on long term.

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Bad results of the micromanagement can also cause:

  • Will make the working environment more stressful, which may cause health issues to the workers
  • Can provoke demotivation of the workers, and also the experienced workers may leave the company – the result is losing the gained knowledge and invested time for upgrading the work
  • Lowers critical thinking and creativity
  • Will work against the success of the company because of lowered cooperation and lowered trust
  • Can delayed innovation
  • Can result poor communication in the company
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How to recognize a micromanager and how to prevent employment of a micromanager?

A micromanager in plumbing company is a really bad factor in a plumbing company. The managers of the plumbing organization must make a proper checking of the subordinate managers to prevent micromanagers.

The first step in making corrective actions and making courses in order to help the manager to develop leadership abilities and gain stronger believe in the concept of teamwork.

We must be aware that all micromanagers are not fully aware that this process is completely wrong. For a part of them, this is their way of managing work and do the act unconsciously. This way of doing the job in many cases can be a type of compulsive disorder, something like addiction, sometimes is outside their possibility to attain in the greater focus and deny what they are doing.

Many times also, the root of micromanaging, and this is particularly in plumbing, is the lack of confidence in the worker. Managers in plumbing which are new in the managerial world are with a lack of confidence in others. They practice micromanagement without being aware of this because since recently – they were dealing with these issues on site (fixing pipes and fixtures) and can not see the bigger picture – from this new position.

If the micromanaging is very extreme, they won’t be responsible for their actions, and pass guilt on the subordinate. Subordinates will not learn a lot, they are exposed to unjustified criticism. Creativity in solving the problems is lowered. It is crucial to check and to detect micromanagement on time, so intervention can be made where and when is needed. All modern plumbing companies must have leaders which can develop real leadership skills. Also must have sessions for learning about correct way of managing and control on the employees.

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There are several signs that points a micromanager in a plumbing company (also in most companies):

  • The manager has small ability of work delegation – micromanagers always think that they know what they are doing, so every task must be done under their supervision. This lack of delegating the tasks will narrow the perspective of which the project is estimated. Micromanagement also prevents of making decisions by the employees, making them less able to do their job. They will start to second-guess their solving of problem on field. Employees are also stiffed and sifted away of critical thinking.
  • Put their hands on other employee’s tasks – in same time micromanagers includes themselves in other’s tasks. He will intervene in tasks (assigned to other people) and interfere of the process of doing them. They will make decision without consultation of the team or the employee, the one who is assigned to that task, and will cause conflict. This conflict will delay fulfillment of the job and will slower the progress on the field (that will make bigger cost for the owner than planed! Unsatisfied customer is a big problem!)
  • Worries about the small things and actions too much – they will see the small issues and will intervene in details on an non reasonable level (the root can be cut, but they will worry about the angle of the cutting even if it not so important in the situation. They are here wasting time and nerves.)

As a conclusion, all managers which want to make micromanagement in any business (especially plumbing) must know that is very bad for the job. It is very difficult to be motivated, productive and engaged plumber if he is constantly micromanaged. All sides involved in the tasks must follow the action plan and the work plan and stick to it. Preventing of the micromanagement will save a lot of time and nerve, which will make the customers satisfied with the timely finished job.

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