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Common Noises Water Heater Makes:

When it is going bad or needs of a repair? What to do when you hear these noises? Why should you not avoid these noises? Learn all about it in this article!

We use a water heater to heat up the cold water so we could use it in the dishwasher, shower, clothes washer or for the sinks. That is why when we notice that this device is starting to make some kind of noise, we can not simply tell what is the problem and how to solve it. For example, hissing and crackling can be due to sediment build layer in the base of the electric water heater.

Here are some usual noises that a water heater can make and what do they mean.

Many of the problems which are connected to this kind of heater must be fixed only by a professional or a professional company which have experience to work with them. Even if someone is considered as an experienced but is not a professional, should pass the execution of any corrections this time. No one should work with the tank to prevent problems like leaking gas, scalding or a flood.

Rumbling sound

Build – ups of sediment is occurring in places where we know that have hard water. The minerals settle down in the tank and can cause various problem.

If you are an experienced amateur, you could flush the tank with a long hose to remove the sediment. Also, you can use descaling solution to break down the sediment. But, if you are not an experienced in plumbing, call a professional or a professional company at least once a year to clean the tank and prevent mineral build – up.


It is caused by sediment and limescale build – up in the tank. It is produced when steam bubles are formed under sediment, and afterwards bursting when water heats. Solution for this problem is using a product for descaling to break down the minerals, but it will be a better solution to drain the tank to remove sediment. The popping sound can be provoked if the aluminium anode rod is exposed to higher level alkalinity. A professional can fix the issue with replacing this node with magnesium one.

Crackling or hissing

Crackling or hissing sounds are heard and produced by electric water heaters. They occur by the sediment build-ups in the base, which can be confirmed by flushing the water heater once a year. But, irritating noises are not the only issue. The heating bills are becoming higher because the tank have a struggle to heat the water and have reduced the possibility to heat.

A water heater (powered by gas) will make sizzling noise even the problem is not similar. At this case this sound is caused due to internal condensation, the condensate make the sound when dripping on burners. If condensate is forming in the tank can be a sign of a leak inside the thank. In this case it would probably be best to call a professional or a professional company to solve it.

Singing or screeching

In these type of noises fall all high noises similar to boiling water in a kettle. They are fairly common.

First you must check the valve for relief of temperature and pressure. It is located on one side of the tank. The role of this valve is to allow water to realize from the tank if the pressure in the tank is too high. If the cause for this sound is this valve, turn off the gas, the electricity and water supply to the tank and immediately call a professional or professional company.

If this sound is not from this valve (for relief of temperature and pressure), other place that can be the source is the outlet or inlet valve or other lines with water. Check if any of the valves are completely opened and also the lines for any deformation which can cause the restriction of water flow. If some of the lines are damaged or if this sound continues, you should call a professional or professional company to solve this problem.

Sound of hammering

We all know the term water hammer. A hammering sound is produced when in a plumbing system the water is forcefully stopped or abruptly change the direction.  It is caused by the pressure inside the system. This type of problem can burst the pipes and can provoke expansion and can deform the water tank. You should call a professional to solve this problem. Also consider installment of a valve for reducing the pressure or a hammer arrestor to localize if the problem happens again.

If you notice some different noises of your water pipes or water tank, consideyou should consider all of these abovementioned sounds. Even a small sound that is not the usual one can be result of bigger problem. And if you are not sure what can be the cause, always have a call to professional to solve it.

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