Is it worth getting water heater repair services, or should you replace it?

Whenever the water heater fails, homeowners are confused if they should get water heater repairs or replacements. Water heater repairs usually cost a few hundred dollars, while the replacement can go up to a thousand dollars and over. The most confusing part is if investing a few hundred dollars is worth it if the heater breaks down again after a short time. Read on, and we will help you make the right decision.

Is it worth getting water heater repair services, or should you replace it? Top 10 factors you must consider.

The following are the top 10 factors you must consider before getting a replacement water heater or water heater repairs.

1.      The age of your water heater is the first thing to consider

The average age of a heater is 10 years. So, whenever some issue pops up, you must consider its age. Say that your heater needs repairing after good 8 years of usage. It means that even if you are getting repairing services, you may need to replace it after 2 years.

On the other hand, if the heater has only been used for 2-3 years, you will not need a replacement for the next 7-8 years. It is how the age factor can help you decide whether you are getting water heater repairs or replacement services.

2.      See if your water heater is still under warranty coverage.

After considering the age, you must check if the heater is under warranty. For heaters under warranty coverage, you usually get free or very cheap repairs depending on the warranty policy. It can be your deciding factor because the warranty coverage can help you save money by investing little to nothing in repairs, and you can buy a much better heater replacement after the warranty expires.

3.      See if you are getting rusty water or rust on your heater

A rusty heater means expecting expensive repairs up to $1000 or even more. Having the water heater still under the warranty period will be good. However, the better option is to go for replacement as adding a few more hundred dollars on that $1000 will get you a new, well-performing, efficient, and better heater.

If you get a replacement, you may consider tankless options, as the chances of getting them rusted are minimal.

4.      Does your heater need frequent water heater repairs?

A heater that needs frequent repairs, regardless of if you have to pay for them or not, will be frustrating. It is because now and then, you have to face heater failure and then wait for the heater to get fixed.

Do not go for repairs on such a heater because of the bad experience, no matter how new or long it will be under warranty coverage. You must go for a worry-free experience by getting a water heater replacement.

5.      Are you looking for more energy-efficient solutions?

The water heater industry has recently gone under a lot of innovations, and the heaters we have today are much more efficient than the old ones. If your old heater is costing you a lot in bills, then it needs a repair job is one of the best signs for you to go for a replacement heater instead of water heater repairs. You may find the initial investment to be higher, but the final results and savings on the bill will be much better.

6.      Track down the cause of the water heater failing and decide accordingly

Track down the root cause of your water heater failing. For example, in some cases, the heater may fail due to the following:

  • Rusting
  • Sediment buildup

It usually happens when your place has a hard water supply with excessive minerals. So, getting a new one and a water softener for your home will be a much better option instead of getting that heater repaired. Going for the latest tankless heaters will give you an even better experience.

7.      Is the type of repair you need feasible for you or not

Sometimes the repair you need for your water heater is not a major one. For instance, if the pressure valve, drain valve, or even the rubber sealing washers between the plumbing joints fail, the repair will not be too complex.

These repairs have nothing to do with the structure of the heater. On the other hand, a rusty and cracking tank may not be a good sight. So, you need to see which repairs you need before deciding if you are going for a replacement or not.

8.      What is the repair cost estimation for your case?

Repair cost estimation will be a vital factor in your decision. It is because if the repairs are too costly, then going for a new heater will be a good option as it brings:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Better performance
  • Efficiency
  • New warranty coverage, etc.

Spending $1000 or above to get a new heater may not be the best decision for cheaper repairs. It is because such a cheap repair may make the heater work for another few years without any problems.

9.      Ask professionals if you are confused about repair or replacement.

You may get confused with so many choices available under different price brackets. So, when your heater fails to perform well, you may get a professional to inspect it. Ask for their suggestions as they will thoroughly inspect the heater and know its condition. The professionals will give you the best advice on whether to go for water heater repairs or get a new replacement water heater instead. This advice will wave away all the confusion.

Narrowing it down depends on the situation of your heater and whether the replacement is worth it or not.


If your heater is new, under warranty coverage, and the water heater repairs are not too costly, you must go for them, considering that the issue won’t happen again too soon. However, if the heater does not meet any of these qualities, then investing in a new heater will be the right choice.

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for professional water heater repairs, replacement installation, or advisory services.

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