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How to remodel your bathroom on a small budget

It’s true that remodeling either the kitchen or the bathroom can break the bank. The typical cost of a moderate bathroom renovation is around $30,000. Sinks, vanities, mirrors, lights, a new tub, a new toilet, and the potential cost of employing a plumber or other specialists are just some of the hidden expenditures associated with these typically small rooms. However, whether you’re doing a major or minor bathroom redesign, a few savvy adjustments can breathe new life into a tired old space without breaking the bank. The following are some low-cost strategies for accomplishing that goal.

Don’t change the layout: My first piece of advice for keeping costs down during a bathroom remodel is to keep the existing layout the same. Any alteration to the plumbing, such as relocating a sink, tub, or shower, will increase the total price of the project. Why? Well, if you want to change the layout, you’ll have to pay to have everything redone from the plumbing and electrical to the waterproofing and tiling.

A Contemporary Take on Art Deco

For a contemporary take on Art Deco, try redecorating your bathroom in a pink and orange color scheme. The designer put in a patterned shade as a low-cost but high-impact update to the window.

Revamping a Tiny Bathroom in Style

This updated bathroom features a spacious walk-in shower adorned with classic subway tiles in place of the outdated tub. Homeowners who wanted to stay within their budget simply repainted the existing vanity and added new hardware. To save time and money, they put peel-and-stick tiles over the old flooring instead of replacing it.

The Addition of a Large Mirror

A mirror may make a room seem bigger than it actually is, just like a fresh coat of white paint can. Including a massive mirror has additional practical benefits as well as obvious aesthetic ones. Convenience items that require a reflection, such as makeup application, become problematic when the mirror is too small. A large mirror is both practical and stylish, making it easier to perform those things while giving your bathroom a more luxurious feel.

Add a Storage Unit

It seems like there’s never enough space in a bathroom to keep all the extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towels, and linens that accumulate over time. If you’re tired of dealing with sink clutter, invest in a high-quality tall storage cabinet with an open shelf, two cabinet doors, and a drawer. Mildew-resistant materials are used in its construction, making it ideal for damp settings.

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The Wooden Floor Needs New Paint

There is always the option of installing tile, sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl plank over a wooden floor in a bathroom to make it more resistant to water damage. Another option that can save you time, effort, and money is to maintain your wooden floor and paint it with protective enamel. However, you should know that solid hardwood isn’t the best option for a bathroom. But if you have wood floors already, this is a cheap way to preserve them for as long as possible.

Put in a New Faucet for the Bathroom Sink

Designers and do-it-yourselfers generally know that a sink can be made to look new without having to replace the top or vanity by simply installing new hardware on the cabinets and putting in a new faucet. Faucets for sinks are among the easiest plumbing fixtures to install on your own. A plumber is not required. Not only does this speed up the schedule but it also reduces the cost of labor. Simple as picking up a sink faucet in the morning and turning it on before noon, the task is easily accomplished by anyone.

Replacement of Window Shades

A once-beautiful bathroom might take on an unappealing appearance if the window covering is outdated and yellowed. Changing the curtains or blinds in a bathroom can give it a fresh lease on life. Sheer Roman shades are a fantastic option for bathrooms with large windows since they provide privacy without sacrificing natural light, but you’ll want to choose mildew-resistant textiles.

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Stylish Space-Saving Bathroom Vanity

Adding some cheap shelves from a home improvement store can completely change the functionality of the wall above the toilet. The use of a bright and dark color pattern in the entire bathroom, including the vignette over the toilet, makes the room feel much larger than it actually is. Towels, photo mats, and a bud vase that are all white stand in stark contrast to the dark wood of the shelves, picture frames, and artwork.

Prepare Your Own Bathroom by Installing a Toilet.

However, if you are able to do so on your own, you should not have to pay a plumber to remove the old toilet and install a new one. DIY the toilet installation instead. Water supply connections for a toilet are minimal. Moving the toilet into place is the most challenging component of installing a toilet. To do that, you can either borrow a hand truck from a friend or invest in one yourself.

Put In a Small Shower

This walk-in shower’s modern style is reminiscent of a classic with the help of the white subway tiles. The polyurethane sealer serves to keep the painting safe from water damage and serves as a focal point on the back wall. This open shower is large enough that overspray is not an issue.

Final Words:

I trust you will find these suggestions useful. We’ll be breaking down everything we did to cut costs and share more transformation tips with you. While you wait, you may get a handle on your finances and get a sneak peek at the making of our luxurious bathroom remodel.

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