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How to remodel your bathroom on a small budget

Bathroom remodeling is necessary to keep your bathroom looking good and to meet the latest standards. While it attracts many, it can be frustrating for some homeowners, considering how costly a simple bathroom remodeling job can get. On the good side, spending thousands on your bathroom remodeling is not essential to get good results.

Top 10 things you can do to remodel your bathroom on a small budget

Here we have the top 10 things you can do to remodel your bathroom, even if you are on a small budget.

1.      Don’t replace the bathtub; refinish it!

Sometimes the bigger things add the most to your total bathroom remodeling cost. A bathtub is a classic example because you spend huge sums when you buy a new one and get it installed. However, in most cases, the bathtub is in perfect condition practically, and it only needs some aesthetic touchups.

Even if there are small nicks or cracks, you can refinish them to make the bathtub look and feel as new. If you are not on the technical side, try bathtub liners which can be an affordable solution to the problem.

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2.      Install a sink faucet only instead of replacing the whole thing

The sink is one of the most used parts in a bathroom, and when remodeling, people think about replacing it first. If you think about the usage, the lower base and the basin of your sink will not be used as much as you use the faucet. So, even if you replace the faucet only, you can experience a huge difference in the whole thing.

In most cases, you’d want to replace the sink because the faucet is gone bad. So, instead of going for an expensive replacement, change the faucet only and get the job done much cheaper.

3.      Installing a new toilet will add a lot of value.

You might refinish the bathtub and replace the faucet only. However, you must not hold back when it comes to the toilet. It must be clean and functional at all costs and changing your toilet to a new one will also add a lot of value to your bathroom’s design. However, while you select a new toilet, get one that fits perfectly on your old plumbing, as it will help cut installation efforts and costs.

4.      Change the shower

It is the part of the remodeling job where you can spend some amount on adding newer features to the shower in your bathroom. If you have a conventional shower installed in your place, go for the one with a flexible pipe, digital temperature controls, rain-effect shower attachment, and other latest features. You can choose showers with as many features as possible because this small upgrade will be worth a lot.

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5.      Try to keep everything in its place to cut the cost.

Bathroom remodeling does not necessarily mean changing the location of all the major components in your bathroom. At the same time, you can do that with easily movable components like cabinets, etc. However, things connected to the plumbing pipes must be kept in their place. In this way, you may use the same old plumbing connections, which will significantly help cut costs.

6.      Interchange items between 2 bathrooms for a newer feel

If you want to go on a super-low budget, then try interchanging things between two bathrooms. You can interchange almost everything that fits in the other bathroom, like the following:

  • Shower curtain
  • Cabinets
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Shower, etc.

In this way, both bathrooms will get a newer feel, and the best part is that you won’t be spending on anything new. Thus, it will result in a cheap remodel for 2 of your bathrooms at a very cheap cost, usually including installation only.

7.      Pay attention to the tiniest details in your bathroom.

You must consider the tiniest details to make the bathroom remodel more effective. These include hooks and hanging bars where you keep your clothes, cabinet handles, lights, and shower curtains. Most of the time, these will be the cheapest things you add to your bathroom. Surprisingly, these cheap and tiny details will be the ones bringing the best change to your bathroom. Still need guidance? Call us for plumbing repairs and water heater solutions.

8.      Small additions in the bathroom will never hurt your budget

Some additions bring practical value along with aesthetic beauty. One of the best examples is a shower curtain that can be replaced with a glass and aluminum door. It will be a little upgrade on the budget, but when you look at the final results, these will be exceptional.

Similarly, you can add more shelves, lamps, cabinets, a new vanity setup, etc. The best part about these upgrades is that they are easy to do, so you may do these yourself, and there are no restrictions on getting creative with these additions.

9.      Pay attention to why you are remodeling and craft the plan around that idea.

One of the biggest reasons why people find bathroom remodeling expensive is that they don’t follow a plan or budget. So, whatever seems good, they keep adding that, and in the end, they have several unnecessary changes in their bathroom with a hefty bill.

The best practice, in this case, is to make your plan first. Most people go for remodels because of some specific malfunctioning parts. Say that the toilet and shower in your bathroom need some changes. So, plan to work on those first and keep other upgrades on second priority.

10.  Manage your plumbing and other tools for a DIY remodeling experience.

Plumbing jobs often cost more labor costs than parts. Interestingly, most of that work can be done by yourself, and the tools will cost a fraction of the overall cost of services. So, manage your plumbing tools and try to work on the easier upgrades by yourself.


The main goal of your bathroom remodeling must be adding new life to the bathroom and not replacing everything in it. If you plan things strategically, you can cut costs significantly and spend only on the necessary things. By following the 10 tips shared above, you can get exceptional results for your bathroom while staying on a budget.

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