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How does a toilet work? A detailed guide on the key components of a toilet

The toilet is one of the major necessities for everyone. You must be using a toilet daily; however, you must never have wondered how a toilet works. A toilet is made up of proper equipment and will not work without them. It also works in steps you need to know if you want to discover the anatomy of a toilet.

When you know the components of a toilet, you will be able to use it properly. You can also know what is the fault with your toilet next time it is not working.

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Everything you need to know about the components of the toilet and how it works

You must be aware of only a few things regarding your toilet. It has major components that have their function. Even if one component is missing, your toilet will not be able to work properly.

It is very easy to push the toilet button and walk out of the toilet; however, you should know the whole story behind the manufacturing of your toilet.

Components of the toilet you need to know about

There are main components of the toilet that you must know about. The names of the components are given for your information:

1.      Tank

The tank is mostly installed at the back part of the toilet. It contains all the water needed to flush out the waste material. In addition, it contatins the material of the toilet that is used for pushing the water into the toilet. It is filled up automatically because it is linked to your main water tank.

2.      Tank lever

This part is situated at the bottom of the tank. When you push it, it will release the water into the bowl. You can lift it, and releasing it will trigger a flush of water into the main toilet bowl. You can also call it a flapper valve. If your tank lever is not working, you will not be able to flush out your toilet.

3.      Flush valve

This valve is situated in the middle of the tank. It also contains an overflow tube. It is the area where the hole is present through which the water enters the bowl when you are flushing your toilet. There is a flapper which covers the tank when the bowl is full. If your flush valve is broken, you will not be able to control the water, which is being held back otherwise.

4.      Fill valve

It has a device that is also called a float. When you push the water down the bowl, it moves with the water. It also allows fresh water to fill your tank again for another flush. With a fill valve, you can fill the tank once you have flushed the toilet.

5.      Flapper or seal

It is a component present inside your toilet tank. You will discover this with the toilet bowl, especially when you are flushing out the water from the bowl. It is a rubber disc that is attached to the overflow tube.

6.      Tank-to-bowl gasket

The tank-to-bowl gasket’s purpose is to allow a leak-free system between the bowl and the tank. If you notice water leaking from the tank or the toilet bowl, you should get your gasket replaced.

7.      Bowl

Bowl is the lowest part of the toilet where you get yourself seated. It is where you can send out your liquid and solid waste to be flushed away.

Steps in which your toilet works

There are some basic steps through which your toilet works. When you know the basic steps, you can explain the whole process and how it works.

·         The flush handle is pressed.

When you press the handle of the flash, it will elevate the flapper. It will Trigger flushing, which can last for 10 seconds, for the timing can fluctuate depending upon the mechanism of your toilet. We wanted to let you know, when you are needing excellent plumbing repairs including water heater repairs, call our team.

·         Water is released into the bowl.

When the flapper is lifted, it sends water into the toilet bowl. As soon as the tank is empty, the flapper goes back to its place.

·         Gravity

When the water is emptied into the bowl, gravity does its magic. It pulls the water down the drain. Hence the water is released through the trapway into the sewage line.

·         Water and waste are evacuated.

When the water goes down the tramway, it creates a suction. This way, the water, and the waste are evacuated from the toilet bowl. When all the water and waste are flushed out, air enters the trapway, ending the flushing.

·         Refill of the tank

Water enters the toilet tank through the fill valve attached to the pipeline. It is how it is filled up with fresh water and ready for your next use.

Benefits of having a good toilet

You should always invest in the manufacturing or purchasing of your toilet. It will provide you with many benefits, and you will avoid problems that can get nasty.

Prevent germs

If you have a good quality toilet, you can prevent germs. It is one of the clean and easiest ways for your excretory system. You can easily walk into your toilet and get your business done without spreading germs anywhere. However, you also have to take care of the cleanliness of your toilet.

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Protect the community

You can protect the whole community from diseases spread through human waste. You need to ensure that you protect your family and everyone from health issues. A proper toilet at your home should work properly and not spread germs and diseases.

Feces are used to produce biomass.

When the waste material is flushed from your toilet, it is converted into biomass for the earth. It can be a natural biomass that can help in the agriculture sector. You can put everything to use if you have a proper way of eliminating it.


There is a whole mechanism behind the working of your toilet. It is mostly the most for-granted thing at anyone’s home. However, it is a source of comfort and hygiene for us. Some of the basic information about the toilet and how it works is discussed in the given text.

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