Every home has a water heater. Our company understands the importance of investing in homes. When you have wisdom and knowledge, then it acts as filter for discerning the problem you are facing with your water heater. In hopes that you will have a thriving and flourishing plumbing system, we put together this article. Enjoy.

Why do you have noisy pipes, and how to fix them?

We need water pipes in any type of building, whether residential or commercial. As we use water for different purposes, it is a necessary part of our life. We need to look at the maintenance of water pipes to keep the water flow smooth and comfortable for us.

Hearing water sounds is quite unbearable, especially when you are sleeping at night or doing important work. You need to identify the reason behind noisy pipes in your building and look for solutions to make the pipes silent. The noisy pipes not only create a bad impression on our hearing but also cause severe problems for the pipes like bursting.

Why do you have noisy pipes? Things you need to know about

Before we move to the solution of fixing the noisy water pipes, we should find out the reasons behind the noise. The most common reasons behind the noisy pipes are as follows.

Water hammering

Water hammering is the most common reason causing noise in water pipes. Usually, we forget to open the main valve of the water supply and allow the water to rush into the pipes with greater speed. We allow the water to move with speed and pressure by thinking of the opening valve and filling the water tanks to meet the water needs.

The water hammering causes the banging sound due to the high momentum of the water that produces shockwaves. Water hammering produces an irritating sound and can damage the pipes. The water pipes may leak or burst if not dealt with properly. Need a water heater inspection? Call our team today!

Water gurgling sound

Other than the water pressure hammering the pipes, the water pipes also observe blockage or clogging. Sometimes, hair, soap’s carbonates, grease, or fallen object cause the blockage of pipes that do not allow the water to pass through.

The clogging of soap scum or hair is a long-term disturbance and must be treated promptly. The water cannot drain properly through these pipes. In this situation, water exerts pressure but cannot pass through the pipes properly, producing a gurgling sound. It can cause water pipes to leak or disturb water pressure. Still need guidance on water heater solutions? Call our great team today!

Hot water

Hot water is also a reason to disturb the water flow in the pipes. If the pipes we use for water drain are made of plastic or copper metal, they show a quick and severe response to hot water. Our team is ready to offer assistance for water heater repairs.

The plastic pipes can melt and deform their shape while copper metal pipes also get disturbance by expanding to the high temperature of water flowing through them. When the shape and size of pipes change, the pathway of water flow is usually disturbed, which affects the smooth flow of water.

Loose pipes

During installation, the plumbers fix the water pipes with walls by adding holder keys. If the plumbers are non-professional and have installed the pipes incorrectly or not added the holder key in the right place, the pipes may get loos on the wall. These loose pipes also cause a sound when water flows through them. Therefore, it is better to get our Best Plumbing Tulsa services.

Trapping of air bubbles in the pipes

Sometimes, when water pipes do not contain water, and we switch on the water pump, the air may be filled with empty pipes. The air filled in the pipes creates a sound. As air occupies the space in pipes, it will not allow the water to flow smoothly but causes vibration and produce a sound that may be louder or slow.

Need to add new washers

Sometimes, the washers of valves are worn out and must be changed. That’s why the water faces restrictions and creates sound.

How do we fix the noisy pipes?

Follow the below tips

·         Open the taps on the top and ground floor or install water hammer arrestors.

To deal with the water hammering problem, you must keep in mind to open all taps of the upper and lower story. Doing so allows the water to pass through and reduces the pressure inside the pipes. But if you, unfortunately, forget to open the valves, your water pipeline is in danger.

You can reduce the chances of water hammering by installing water hammer arrestors as they reduce the pressure over the pipes. Call our professional plumber for Best Plumbing Tulsa services; he will install the water hammer arrestor near the wall, which will help the valve to bear the water pressure.

·         Get In touch with Our Professional Plumbers

People try to treat the clogging of pipes at home using bath cleaners or the plunger. Sometimes, when the clogging is not worse, this method works but not all the time. You can call a professional plumber to get rid of the clogging in the water pipes and make the drain smooth again. Professional plumbers have equipment like plumbing drill to break the clog and retain the water drain through pipes. Still need water heater solutions? Call our team today!

·         Maintain the suitable water temperature

During winter, we use water heaters to get hot water for bathing and washing. If this hot water has more temperature, it can disturb the pathways f fellow of water. To avoid the distortion of water pipes, there is a great need to maintain suitable water temperatures. Maintaining a suitable temperature is the only solution to keep the water pipes’ life longer.

·         Fix the loose pipes with the walls

When you observe the water sound is due to lose water pipes, you can fix them by adding a holder to make them stick to the wall. Only our professional plumber for Plumbing Tulsa services can install the pipe holders in the right place and adjust the pipe on the level.

·         Turn on the angle stop valve.

When air is filled in water, all you need to do is to open all taps before switching on the pump so that all the air filled in pipes is released. You may also open the angle stop valve, which controls the water pressure. It will provide the space for the flow of water.


Water sounds are produced for different reasons like the hammering of water, clogging in the pipes, and disturbance of water pipes’ shapes due to hot water. You can fix them by calling our Plumbing Tulsa expert plumber who will use his professional tools to remove clogging or replace the worn-out parts of valves.

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