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What Are Four Great Toilets To Get?

The decision to install a new toilet in your home is not one to be taken lightly, given the frequency with which it will be used and the potentially disastrous outcomes of installing a subpar model. The plumbing in your home will suffer greatly if you have a toilet with poor flushing power, which may cause frequent obstructions. Some models can be easily stained, and others flush with such a resounding noise that they might wake anyone sleeping nearby.

There are Three Most Common Designs for Toilets. You should watch out for these three common varieties of toilets:

  • Wall Hung toilets
  • Close Coupled toilets
  • Close Coupled toilets
Kohler Corbelle

The Kohler Corbelle Comfort Height Toilet is a high-quality option if you’re looking for a toilet from a reputable manufacturer. Among its many contemporary details, a vertical handle made of brushed nickel adds to its imposing stature. It’s also offered in a wide range of muted tones, including white, gray, and beige, so it can easily blend in with a variety of bathroom color schemes.

With its innovative single-flush gravity and swirl flushing technology, which Kohler claims maintains a cleaner bowl for longer, this two-piece toilet provides powerful flushing action. This toilet is more convenient and comfortable due to the comfort-height seat that is at a similar height to a standard chair. The CleanCoat surface treatment and the skirted trapway, along with the higher seat and longer bowl, make regular cleaning a breeze.

This toilet, while strong and sturdy, is more expensive than others of its kind. A toilet seat is not included, so plan to spend extra money on that. There have been reports of problems from some property owners.

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Toto Drake Elongated

The Toto Drake Elongated Toilet has a universal height seat, at 16.5 inches above the floor, making it suitable for both children and adults. This model may be the best choice if you need a toilet for a public facility.

The Toto Drake Elongated Toilet has a high-powered flush in addition to a spacious bowl and soft, supportive seat. It uses a patented, double-cyclone flushing system. It eliminates the need for several flushes by using a mix of gravity and centrifugal force to force waste down the drain.

Vitreous china, the material used to make the toilet, has a gloss that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria. That’ll cut down on how often you have to clean the inside of your toilet. Additionally, the 1.28-gallon-per-flush water efficiency is a major plus. Also, some customers complained that the Sana gloss finish didn’t hold up as well as promised, so take that in mind when shopping for a new toilet.

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

The Kohler Santa Rosa is typical of one-piece toilets in that it is both aesthetically pleasing and space-saving in comparison to two-piece models. This toilet has a seamless construction from the tank to the bowl, making it simple to clean and maintain. Both liquid and solid waste are quickly and efficiently flushed away by the powerful gravity-fed flush. AquaPiston technology provides circumferential water distribution in the bowl to flush everything down.

Including the stool’s seat, the base is nearly 17 inches off the floor. This is a fantastic option for elderly homeowners or those with mobility challenges due to the comfortable height and the extra-long seat. If quietness is a priority, you should know that this toilet does not have a slow-close lid.

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Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head has a composting toilet that doesn’t require any plumbing or water, making it ideal for use in RVs and other mobile homes.  The base can contain 7.4 gallons of liquid, making it less frequent that you will need to empty it. The manufacturer suggests having two individuals empty the unit every four to six weeks. Within five minutes of your readiness, the compost bin will be empty.

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Should I call a plumber if I want a new toilet?

DIY toilet installation can be cost-effective if you have plumbing skills and the necessary supplies.

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