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Common Reasons Your Toilet Is Overflowing

Everyone has faced an overflowing toilet at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t make it any less of an emergency. Overflowing toilets pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your home since the water can penetrate into wooden cabinets, walls, and floorboards, facilitating the growth of mold, mildew, and decay. Discovering the root cause of the toilet overflow will allow you to take immediate action, whether that’s DIY fixes or calling in a professional plumber. Examine this manual to find out what to do if the toilet is overflowing and the various causes of this problem.

A Drain That Is Blocked Or Has Been Clogged

In most cases, it doesn’t take much detective work to figure out that a drain is clogged. When this happens, water will spill out of the bowl rather than the tank. You need to fix the obstruction if you want the water to stop flowing too quickly. A plunger and some good old-fashioned manual labor may often resolve even the most stubborn of obstructions.

Ineffective Exhaust Ventilation:

A clogged vent pipe could be the cause of recurrent toilet clogging. Each time a toilet is flushed, the air is sucked out of the system and replaced with fresh outside air via a vent pipe. The toilet will not flush properly and will overflow if this becomes clogged. In most cases, this calls for the knowledge and ability of a licensed plumber.

Exceptional Filler Float:

The water in a toilet that is overflowing due to the first two causes will come directly from the bowl. The spill originates from the toilet tank because the filler float is set too high. The tank will overflow on the sides of the filling float is placed too high, causing water to spill out. Simply altering the internal mechanism that raises or lowers the float will solve the problem.

The Stoppage of a Sewer Line:

There are several places besides your home’s infrastructure where issues can arise. If there is a blockage or clog in the main sewer line that services the house, it can cause the toilet to overflow. This problem can arise if people in the house flush goods that shouldn’t be flushed, such as wet wipes, paper towels, napkins, or feminine hygiene products. Even though a wipe says it’s flushable, it won’t break down in a municipal wastewater system, so it’s best to toss them in the garbage rather than flush them.

When the Septic Tank Is Overflowing:

A similar problem may arise if you rely on a septic tank instead of a public sewer system. The drain field is the area of soil surrounding a septic tank where liquid waste is collected and dispersed. Your toilets will overflow if the septic tank is full or if there is some other obstruction to the passage of wastewater. Your septic system, along with the rest of your plumbing, requires routine maintenance. That way, if necessary, you may get your tank drained or attend to other repairs.

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Plumbing That Doesn’t Work:

Possible toilet problem. It could be a problem with the handle or the float in the tank.

Tips for Preventing This Issue:

Now you know that what causes toilet overflowing, here are few tips to prevent that-

  • Ignore the Signs and Don’t Flush Twice

Do not flush the toilet again if you notice that the water level is rising, as this indicates a clog. Putting too much water in the toilet bowl can lead to worse problems.

  • Check Out the Float

A float is located inside the water tank of a toilet. Floating on the tank water, it resembles a rubber egg. When the float reaches a certain level, the fill valve stops supplying water to the tank. Keep the float stationary and avoid filling the tank any further.

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Final Words:

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