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6 Ways Mentorship Is Effective in the Workplace and In Someone’s Life

If you make a research of the career paths for directors of the best 100 companies worldwide (as published by Fortune), you will found some similarities. One permanent characteristic is a positive relation with their mentor. The Director of one of the most important plumbing companies remembers that he was blocked by one of the directors where he wanted to work. So, he called to one of the directors and asked him for a mentorship.

They were working during the next year to see where his issues are, and to fix them. After 2 years, this mentor was his biggest and most important person for his new employment in the same company.
Mentoring maybe is the most important work for progressing in the career, business and making connections with more successful people in your field of business.

  1. Mentorship

The mentor gives support in meeting the expectation of the mentee. Also he gives perspective of the future steps in the career and the new responsibilities. Mentors act like advisors, advocates, professional connections, protectors and future inspiration for the mentee. What should the mentor do regarding the training of the mentee: build relationship, role modeling – and offer guidance, express care, discuss the ideas and help in achievement goals, listen, develop trust.

  1. Mentors develop employees on higher scale

Professional development is very important if the employees want to go up on the scale of the success. This is essential in development in any sector, including plumbing. Mentors will help the motivated employees to grow, to gain communication experience, and will make some new connections.

Even the focus is directly on the mentee, the mentors can also have benefit from the mentorship. They are satisfied for involving in such communication, and also see mentoring as a rejuvenating and energizing for them.

Experienced professional plumbers will make new and informal connections with people which are not part of their team. This will improve organizational visibility of the plumber. Also, if older plumber connects with a younger one, he can be introduced to new technology for solving difficult problems more easily. This connection will direct them to reflect about the strengths and weak sides and also what direction they want to have in the career.

  1. Mentorship improves satisfaction of the employee.

Mentorships will connect the employee to a mentor in the organization. It can reduce the stress, and make the employee more satisfied at work.

If the mentorship elevate the employee quality, can also elevate the satisdaction at work. This is a normal process and really is improving the level of operating in that company. Mentorship will help the employees to put objectives, and achieving them will increase also the satisfaction.

  1. Mentorship promotes retention of beginner’s employee

To be more precise, in one case study made by Sun Microsystems, the results showed that 72% of the mentees stayed in the same company, and 69 % of the mentors also stayed in the same companies, in comparison to ones which were not involved in mentorship programs.

Maybe this are result of only one organization, but the results are pretty obvious. If the employees develop on higher scale, they will earn more and will be less prone to leave the current organization.

According to other survey, which was about the satisfaction of the employee involved in mentorship, 90 % said that are satisfied from their job.

  1. Introducing to the culture of the company

Mentorship in plumbing engage the young employees to the culture of the organization, and also will speed up the integration and improve effectiveness. When in one company the director pair one mentor with a less experienced employee or even a newly hired one, will promote professional experience, and the organization will have all the employees introduced to the culture of the company at faster rate.

  1. Improve diversity of employees

We all have heard about the inclusion and diversity in one company and how important is. But, initiatives directed only to these factors are not always successful. Programs for mentorships have a better record for supporting advancement in diversity of people employed in the company. One survey by Cornell resulted that mentorship increase minority at the level of managers up to 24%. Also, resulted that mentorship improved promotion of employees and retention – up to 38%.

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  1. Increasing of the revenue

At the end of the day, companies must have a certain profit for their job. Mentorship programs increased the revenue by more than 80 percent in USA. That includes plumbing companies too.

If we also check result of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide, 71% of the companies included in that list have mentorship programs.

  1. Mentors will pass the experience to new employees

Yes, there is a big technological advancement in recent years. But, some tasks ask for practicing the old-fashioned solving of problems. The older plumbers have to be replaced with new ones, but also they must “hand over” the experience. Mentorship comes really handy on the field, where some problems occur over and over again.

Plumbing is a very specific area to work in. It takes stamina and experience to work as precise as possible. In some cases, if a mentor and employee work together, the strength of the new employee can be used together with the experience of the older mentor.

Final notes

Mentorship is not a new form of learning. It is used centuries ago, and there are a lot of old written proves for that. We must embrace this and incorporate the new technology to do the needed work. Also, with more frequent collaboration, the communication between all the levels of the company will be better. The manager must also be involved in the mentorship program and make decision which mentor will be connected to which employee. On longer run, this will make higher revenue and better portfolio of solved problems at work. With the bigger portfolio, the reputation will increase, and this is beneficial for all employees in the company.

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